“What are these rappers doing?” <--- What NOT to say to Talib Kweli

This is what started it:

And now…a little lesson:


A couple of things. One, I find that I was guilty of questioning why certain artists hadn’t said anything about what’s going on in Ferguson (and other issues as well). But then, it simply didn’t matter. Yes, I believe those who have the means and the resources to make an impact should, but…that has nothing to do with MY voice.

Second. Talib Kweli is 100% correct about the state of hip hop. We do THEEEEE. MOST. complaining about all of this trash that’s out here. But guess what? The trash is what gets sold. The socially conscious messages aren’t getting played. ┬áThe first week J. Cole released his tribute to Michael Brown, the radio was ON IT. Now? I haven’t heard it in at least a month. But “Fight Night” – Migos and “All Me” – Drake (w/ 2 Chainz and Big Sean) STAYS in rotation.

WE, the consumer, BUY and LISTEN TO the trash and mindless music. Executives and decision makers couldn’t be pumping this stuff out if it wasn’t making them money. So yes, Talib is absolutely correct. WE are the problem.

Now. What are we going to do about it?

Or should I ask, ARE WE going to do anything about it?

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