Wolfies on 249 in Houston, Texas

Yes.  This is what you (probably) think it is.  This is a post about a restaurant.

Hi.  My name is Tasha. I live in Houston, Texas.  I am addicted to love crawfish.  But my past few experiences at the Wolfies on 249 have collectively made me reconsider EVER going to this place again.

First. A few weeks ago I ordered some to go (this is what I do 90% of the time).  Got home and was ready.  Peeled that sucker without a second thought (it’s basically second nature to me by now) and popped it in my mouth.  I thought something was funny about it but I was like eh…it was a fluke.  Ate another one. Same thing.  Then I grabbed a third one and payed attention to what I was doing (didn’t eat any more of them).  I figured out what was funny. That one (the meat) was slimy.  I put it down.  Got another (and another and another and another).  Slimy.  And the thing (I’ve been told is the intestine) that is black and you’re supposed to pull out before you eat it?  Yeah.  It wasn’t even a solid with that one.  Liquid just fell out after I pulled the tail.  Turns out, the crawfish wasn’t cooked (correctly?).  PISSED.  In fact, pissed doesn’t even begin to explain what I was because I was also hungry.  The meat was slimy cause it was damn near raw.

I called Wolfies.  Spoke with the manager.  He handled it well.  Apologized, offered to give me a gift certificate or redo my order.  I chose redo my order.  Let me give a little history (cause I’m sure some of y’all are like WHAT).  When crawfish season hits, these people know me.  In fact, it’s to the point where I call and give my order and they are like, “Is this Tasha?”  I walk in and the bartenders know me by name (that’s where you used to pick up the to-go orders).  I have NEVER had a problem like this with them.  Ever.  I keep going back because I love them.  So yeah.

Ok.  End of experience one.

Next.  My homegirl and I went last weekend.  It was a crowd so I ended up having to wait for the table for about 35-40 minutes.  We got our table.  After we sat down I know we waited 15 minutes (at least) without getting any service. I had to ask about 3 waitresses if someone could PLEASE come and take our drink order or SOMETHING. So the waitress finally came over, we ordered our drinks, and were about to order our crawfish when she stopped us and said she could only sell 3 lbs to our table.


Excuse me, what?  My friend and I were both in shock.  I asked for the manager. He gave some kind of explanation.  Something about having only 40 lbs in the first place and wanted to make sure they had enough.

Sir.  I don’t care.  What you DON’T do is ration out crawfish.  TF kinda business are you running!? First come, first serve.  ESPECIALLY when your patrons have been waiting for about 45 minutes or more!?  Nah.  So we left.

Finally.  Tonight.  Called in a to-go order.  This is how it went on the phone.

Me: I’d like 3 lbs of crawfish, extra spicy, wi….
Waitress: You want extra spice ON the crawfish?
Me: What? I just want them extra spicy.
Waitress: Well you can have spice on the side or on it.
Me: *pause* I’ve never been asked this before.  I want the crawfish to be extra spicy AND I will order extra spice on the side.
Waitress: Okay….
Me:  3 lbs, extra spicy, corn and potatoes, two butters on the side and one extra spice

I get there and I noticed that I’ve been charged twice for extra spice, but only have one in the container.  That’s fine.  I point it out to her, tell her to just give me the extra one.  She informs me that the charge was for having to put extra spice ON TOP OF the crawfish.

I paused and was like:

Fine. WHATEVER. Again, I go here A LOT.  For the past 3 seasons I have NEVER had this charge.  Keep in mind, it was only 15 cents.  So I tell myself whatever and I go home.

The only problem was that when I got home it’s as if the crawfish had been dipped in water and then put in the container.  Almost ZERO spice.  Not the regular amount and DEFINITELY not the “extra” I was charged for.  Crawfish just naked.

I really only go to this one out of convenience.  It’s slightly closer to me than the one on 1960, and this one lets you call in your order (1960 doesn’t-you have to order and wait there ugh).  But I think I’m done with them.  I was able to get over the fact that you walk in and the barely dressed ladies don’t speak.  Like tonight, just sat there and continued their conversation until I stared at one like….

I hope this somehow gets back to whoever is in charge.  I hope y’all share it. Wolfies, y’all gotta do better.  This is unacceptable.  And you just lost a customer. SMH

Just to be clear I’m talking about:

22522 Hwy 249
The Spring Cypress Village,
Houston Texas 77070
T: (281)374-9653

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