Woman says all blacks should kill white cops on Facebook…then gets arrested

Police were alerted to this post made on Facebook:






Here are more details:

Ebony Dickens, 33, was using the screen name Tiffany Milan when she wrote the  “Death to all white cops nation wide” message.

According to WSBTV, the FBI, Homeland Security, District Attorney’s office and the New York Police Department assisted East Point police with Ebony Dickens’ arrest.

The Atlanta Police made the following statement on Facebook: Thank you for all the alerts about this Facebook poster. Once we received all your messages, we alerted our Homeland Security Unit who worked all day to locate this person. Once she was found to be living in East Point, we turned the case over to East Point. Thanks again!


So the charge is “disseminating information related to terrorist acts.”

According to the NY Daily News this statement was given:

“That’s 15 people that she’s talking about killing within a day or so, so whether she is serious or not that’s something that we have to take seriously,” East Point Lt. Cliff Chandler said.

This post goes on to say that she may be charged with more later.


So. This is awful. Not going to pretend it isn’t. And I’m aware that you can’t threaten the lives of people. But a charge of terrorist acts? I tried to look it up to see exactly what that consists of, but I didn’t come up with anything…only information about homeland security, etc.

It’s not okay at all, but does it fall under terrorism because of the entity targeted? Or because it’s a threat made against a group?

Anyway, yeah this is a disgusting thing to post. As someone mentioned in the comments, we MUST understand that it’s NOT *just* white cops that are the problem. It’s crooked cops PERIOD. It’s the entire SYSTEM. You will easily find people who will tell you black cops have been just as awful to them.

Gotta hold each other accountable. Imagine this was a white lady posting about black cops.

What would be our reaction then?


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