Woman scales pole and removes Confederate flag off of South Carolina’s Capitol {Video}

So this happened this morning…


Problem 1.

Now. The other day, an activist, Shaun King, dared that someone do this. He offered a $10,000 reward for someone doing so. ┬áHe received MAJOR backlash from blacks. It was irresponsible and he LITERALLY was encouraging people to put themselves in harm’s way…while he sat at home on his laptop.

And this is my major problem with people calling other people to do something illegal. Why are you daring others? Don’t you have legs and arms? Why not do it yourself?

Media preview

He was basically raising funds!

He shortly deleted the tweets, saying that he received word from some “important” black leaders asking him to take it down.

Well then this happens this morning. So of course people were wondering if this woman, Bree Newsome, did it for the money.

He answered the question.

Problem 2.

We…thank God?

Anyway. The problem here (for me) is the “Free Bree.”


1. An action is illegal.

2. WE. ALL. KNOW. an action is illegal.

3. Someone does said action.


5. We say “free them!”

I….don’t get it.

Is it right that the Confederate flag is flying over South Carolina’s capitol? NO. Is it right that it’s almost literally taking an act of Congress to get it taken down? NOPE!

But. Did she knowingly do something that is illegal? Yes. I don’t understand the “free” part.

In a press release, Bree announced that they removed the flag “because we can’t wait any longer.” The flag, which is protected by state law, was subsequently re-raised shortly thereafter.



I mean, shoutout to her for knowingly putting herself in a position to be arrested to make her point. I GET IT. I really do. And I support the cause to have the Confederate flag removed. Because DUH.

However, as I am typing this…the flag is right back up. The hashtag, “Keep It Down” is null and void. It’s back up. And a sister is sitting in jail.

Then, this happened…

We, the people, have power to get things done. Because of our voices and outcry, the WORLD’S number one retailer has stopped selling ANYTHING with the Confederate flag on it. We can get things done.

It’s just that I’m not for ANY plan that knowingly gets more of us arrested and tossed in jail, then possibly having to deal with having a record. No, this doesn’t mean I don’t want protesters to protest. Those arrests were bull and people have the RIGHT to peaceful assembly. So yeah. Don’t try it.

People compared what she did to Rosa Parks. “So Rosa Parks should’ve just moved, huh?”

This… not the same thing. And I’m sure y’all know it. But if you really believe it IS the same, then carry on.

Anyway, I am glad that she has funds for bail.

I just hate that she may have to face some serious consequences for this.

She’s been charged with defacing a monument.


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