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Watch This Prank. It’s Funny. I Promise.

Probably one of the best pranks I’ve seen.

I’m in real tears.  Seriously. Real tears.





Curious: What would you have done?  I believe I would’ve turned that office upside down… LOL

So. There’s Going To Be A New Michael Jackson Album.

I don’t know about this one, guys.  I really really don’t.

Xscape will come out May 13 and feature eight original songs, the record company announced Monday. Epic also debuted the CD’s cover art, which shows Jackson gazing out from a a futuristic, glittery costume.

The work is a collaboration between Epic’s L.A. Reid and music producers like Timbaland, who has engineered hits for Justin Timberlake and Madonna.

“After mining the Estate of Jackson’s archives, Reid was granted unlimited access to the treasures spanning four decades of material on which Jackson had completed his vocals,” according to Epic’s website. “Reid then teamed up with top producers to ‘contemporize’ the songs while retaining Jackson’s essence and integrity, creating the best music you’ve never heard.”

{via People}


Do they have Michael in lipstick!?

Anyway, watch this new Michael Jackson album go like quadruple diamond.

Timbaland better come with it.

Call It What It Is: The Affordable Care Act

President Obama disappointed me.  I think it was a terrible mistake to embrace what the Republicans named the healthcare LAW, “Obamacare.”

Every single time I hear it, I cringe.  In my opinion, it cheapens it.  And it makes the lowly informed layperson forget that it is, indeed, a law.

Either way, it’s here.  And I am of the opinion that it is amazing.  I will never understand the fight against people being able to get insurance, no matter the condition.  I simply don’t get it.

In case you live under a rock, tonight at 11:59pm is the deadline for signing up for the Affordable Care Act. I was watching “Morning Joe” this morning and there was someone on there talking about it, who is clearly against it. He was asking someone else (who is in support of ACA) if they thought the White House was making up the numbers in order to reach the magic 6,000,000 number of people enrolled.

Um. THE WHITE HOUSE? Just…faking numbers? KNOWING how much you people are gonna be watching? Come on.  So yeah, when that got absolutely shot down, this person then asked if enough healthy people were signing up for it to make it all really worth it.  The response was that what REALLY matters is that sick people are getting covered.  I mean…

Anyway, not everybody is being complete idiots about HEALTHCARE (can we all agree that this really isn’t about healthcare at all?).

^^ FOR. THE. WIN. And if you have no idea what this is referring to, then that just means you didn’t watch arguable THE bst television show EVER.

^^This touched my heart.

^^ It’s true. Cause. Mitt Romney…but I digress…

^^Okay. So this is funny.


^^BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And just in case you want to read the story, click here.

Here’s a piece of the response….

Ted Cruz

LOL!  I know those are just two responses, but there were enough positive responses for multiple media outlets to write about it.


Either way, if you haven’t got covered, make sure you do so.  Yes, it’s probably going to take longer as the website is experiencing some difficulties, but tell me what website doesn’t when literally a million (or more) people are on it at the same time trying to do the same thing.

I’ll wait.

“With Friends Like These” – RHOA (review)

RHOA. A mess. That is all.


– Gregg.  I can’t.  Seriously. I can’t.  “Use this one pass.  The next one got a ticket on it.” – BYE.  Ain’t nobody scared of you.  Like, NOBODY believes you, Gregg. And again, YOUR BULLY OF A WIFE is the one who stepped up to Peter!? I can’t.

– NeNe said this situation wasn’t deep enough for their friendship to not be in tact. Girl. What parallel universe is this broad living in? For real? You disrespected my husband.  Called him out of his name in public. Then gave a half-ass apology while rolling your eyes. I can’t.

– She laughed when Peter talked about her calling him a b*tch.  Conversation over.

– “I didn’t purposely try to disrespect Peter. I just called a spade a spade.” – Seriously. I can’t. Cynthia. Wake up.


– WEAK. Weak weak weak.  Your “friend” just called your HUSBAND a b*tch and you’re sitting there rationalizing? Talking about you know how everybody feels? Tuh.

– Oh WAIT.  Did she just say, “Listen…she apologized, okay?” NO, Cynthia. No ma’am.  I can’t believe this.  Amazing.

– Cynthia has on too many eyelashes.

– “Looking back, I could’ve said something…I could’ve easily called her a b*tch. But did I need to say something?” YES. You simple simple woman. You DID need to say something.  She just called your husband a b*tch!!!!!!!!!! And there are other options on how to handle these situations other than to call her the name back.  How old are these women! This makes me so tired for real. Unbelievable.

– “I almost ordered you a vodka tonic, but I didn’t know if I was supposed to today…” <— Really, Cynthia? Y’all.  Is she like…socially awkward? What is it? Who…does this?

– She gave NeNe Peter’s drink. Again, I don’t understand the press to be her friend. I’m baffled.

– This dinner. No. No no no no.

– Apology accepted. “Friendship?” Nah. And not just cause of this one situation. But NeNe has gotten WAY out of pocket WAY too many times. SMH.


– Porsha.  You and these demands for the play. Like Kandi said, your demands aren’t matching your resume.  Bye, girl.

– Lord she doesn’t even know the name of her character.

– Y’all see Porsha dancing? LOL

– EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does my screen say this child’s name is “Shehwanee”!?!?!?!?!? I can’t stand you people.

– I want to say that her “dumb chick” act is frustrating to me, but I am aware that it isn’t an act. So that’s that.

– WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! Did Porsha just say she’s “in between phones”??????????? GIRL!  Why wasn’t there a plan in place before going to the club? Why doesn’t she have her sister’s number to give or something? No no no no no.

– Oh wait.  That was her way of trying to not give out her number?  What a child. GAWD this broad is so dumb.


– I love Marlo.

– “I don’t want them to be NeNe because I want them to be born with hair.” – LMAO

– I actually think this was a smart decision for her to have this baby training.  Nothing compares to the real thing, but at least she’s trying.  Oh goodness she just threw the baby on the sofa.

– I want Velvet.


– “Poor Cynthia she looks like she doesn’t know what’s going on…she’s got a contract with NeNe to be her best friend” <— EXACTLY.  This is madness. SMH


– I love DonJuan.  “You know what I can’t find? My give a fawk.” Tuh.

– Kandi’s hair (the all black hair) YESSSSSSSSSSS! Stick with THIS hair, Kandi! Yes yes yes yes.

– These kids don’t know D. Woods. -_- I mean, neither did I.  It took me a second after seeing her to figure out who she was. This is the girl from Making The Band, right?

– Oh. So Kandi is gonna be in the play? And she’s gonna sing? K.

– “Porshonce” – Again. I love DonJuan.

– Kandi. Fire Porsha. That’s it.


Benzino Got Shot….By his nephew…On his way to bury his mother

Yeah,  this is more than a little strange.

Benzino, whose real name is Raymond Scott, is a cast member of the VH1 reality show ‘‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’’ and CEO of Hip-Hop Weekly. The magazine confirmed on its website Saturday night that Benzino had been shot.

The 48-year-old Benzino was traveling on Route 3 south of Boston just before noon when 36-year-old Gai Scott pulled alongside and fired several shots into a red SUV driven by Benzino, the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement. Officials say there had been growing tension between the two.

Benzino, of Mansfield, Mass., got out of the SUV after being struck and was taken by a passerby to the Duxbury Police Department and then transferred to a hospital.

Hip-Hop Weekly said he was shot in an arm, and his back was grazed by a bullet.

He was listed in good condition, a spokeswoman for South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth said Sunday morning.

The magazine said Benzino was in the area to bury his mother. He was heading to a church in Plymouth at the time of the shooting, the District Attorney’s Office said.

Police responding to the scene found the red SUV in the middle of Route 3 with bullet holes and a reddish brown substance believe to be blood inside the vehicle. Officials said shell casings and projectiles also were found at the scene.

Gai Scott, of Randolph, Mass., was taken into custody and charged with assault with intent to murder. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in the Plymouth District Court.


What in the world could one do to make you try and kill him while trying to bury his mother? And on a freeway? In broad daylight? Soooo you wanted to get caught?

In totally unrelated news: Zino is almost 50!? Way too old for his LHHATL antics.

More unrelated news: So when does LHHATL come back on, anyway?

Back on topic: Glad Benzino is okay!