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Common has solved racism. NOT.

I kept seeing this story pop up, but I didn’t want to believe Common said it. In fact, I was hoping that there was some of the conversation left out or something because surely not….

While on “The Daily Show,” Common told John Stewart that blacks should extend a hand of love to whites, forget about the past, and ask for their help with our current situation of SOME WHITES HATING BLACKS JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK bad race relations.

“If we’ve been bullied, we’ve been beat down and we don’t want it anymore. We are not extending a fist and we are not saying, ‘You did us wrong.’ It’s more like, ‘Hey, I’m extending my hand in love.’ Let’s forget about the past as much as we can and let’s move from where we are now. How can we help each other? Can you try to help us because we are going to try to help ourselves, too.”


But wait, there’s more:

“Me as a black man, I’m not sitting there like, ‘Hey, white people, y’all did us wrong.’ We know that existed. I don’t even have to keep bringing that up. It’s like being in a relationship and continuing to bring up the person’s issues. Now I’m saying, ‘Hey, I love you. Let’s move past this. Come on, baby, let’s get past this.’”



Actually, Common. Let me tell you what it’s like. It’s like saying:

“Look. I know that whole racism, lynching, beating, dog attacking, fire hose shooting, can’t eat/drink/sit here, serve me you less than human animal, nigger thing happened in the past, and I’m aware that white racists would still do the same things today if blacks were still legally recognized as less than a whole human being (because in your minds, that still holds true), and I’m aware that there are still some oppressive practices going on today and that some of y’all hate me just because I’m black…and I also am aware that BECAUSE of this, I, like other black men, would more than likely be shot and killed by police than my white…in 2015…but you know what?


Let’s just forget all of that ever happened and get past it! Even though the effects of such racism and oppression are still evident today! Oh! And the fact that some whites don’t even recognize racism and think that blacks are overreacting?


It’s cool! We’ll validate your feelings and justification to treat us any kind of way by extending a hand of loooooooove and begging you to pleaseeeeee like our black skin and to pleaseeeeeee help us! And OF COURSE we are gonna help ourselves….but in order to do that we’ve totally got to stop thinking about the past!


So here, racists whites who probably don’t want to touch the hand of a black person in the first damn place, here is my hand of love. Will you PLEASE forget that you are racists and help us?

I love you!

Okay, bye.”

No thanks, Common.

(And by the way, your part on “Glory” is trash.)

(Petty. I know. I don’t care.)

I’m SOOOOO sick of Raven Symone’s shyt.

I honestly wouldn’t be mad if Raven Symone slipped into the abyss of nothingness. Not mad at all. Or at least if she would stop talking. Or maybe she should just stop talking about matters of substance cause it’s clear that this chick is not working with both hemispheres of her brain. Something is missing.

Univision talk show host, Rodner Figueroa, was fired for saying that the First Lady of the United States looks like an ape. His exact words…

“Well, watch out, you know that Michelle Obama looks like she’s from the cast of ‘Planet of the Apes,’ the movie.”

One of the other hosts tried to help him out by pointing out the FLOTUS is very attractive, but Figueroa defended his position by saying it’s true.

Okay. So that’s that.

Fast forward to Raven Symone. Here’s what she had to say about it while appearing on The View.

Regular View host Rosie Perez was livid about the remark, calling it undeniably racist. Symone wasn’t convinced.

“He did say Michelle Obama looks like a cast member of the ‘Planet of the Apes,’” Perez said emphatically.

“But was he saying it ‘racist-like?’” Symoné interjected. “Because [Figueroa] did say he voted for [Michelle] later and I don’t think he was saying it racist.”

“Oh please!” Perez fired back. “That’s like saying, ‘I’m not a racist, but I have black friends.”

After comedian Michelle Collins implied Figueroa’s comments were more “stupid” than racist, Perez went right back on offense.

“I am the Latin person here on this table,” Perez said. “And I would like to tell you that it was racist.”

And that’s where Symoné may have dropped the mic… in a sort of terrible way.

“Michelle don’t fire me for this,” Symoné began, sensing her remark was about to come out the wrong way. “But some people look like animals. Is that rude? I look like a bird… so can I be mad at somebody that calls me ‘Toucan Sam?’”

{The Grio}

Question. How does one say a black woman looks like an ape “racist-like?” Is there a certain tone that needs to be used? Different words? Should some swearing be included? I’m just trying to get some answers.

News flash, Raven. Whether you think it was racist or not, it’s CERTAINLY not okay to defend someone saying the FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES looks like an APE on tv. It’s just not okay. And that “Toucan Sam” remark? That’s cute. Continue to act like you don’t know the history of blacks being compared to monkeys you ignorant little simpleton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This chick works a nerve.

Here’s the vid, if you must.

Somebody buy her a clue, please. I don’t have the strength.

(And Figueroa trying to “clarify” what he was talking about? FAIL. LOL. Sir, you had the chance to clear it up at that very moment. BYE.)

So I finally watched THAT episode of “Scandal” (The Lawn Chair)…

…and EFF Darren Wilson…andevery other cop who thinks it’s okay to shoot unarmed black men just because of your racism, stereotypes, inability to control situations, and need to feel superior.

The episode I’m talking about is “The Lawn Chair” and I’m just now getting to it.

To be honest, the most important scene is right here…

This right here is the mentality of A LOT of these police officers. HOW DARE a black man “question their authority!?!?!” How dare you don’t let them do whatever they want to do to you, no matter if it’s actually legal or not?

This single monologue shows why it’s dangerous for police officers to have this sense of superiority to citizens. To honestly believe that they are above being questioned or “disobeyed” (even when there has been no arrest/detainment).  This police officer is ONLY fictional because he’s on a tv show. The monologue is very much so real. Believe that.

Raising children to fear you? You’re damn right. Because the FACT is that a black child can be reaching in their pocket FOR A RECEIPT and STILL get shot down in cold blood (and have the police department helping to cover it up). The fact is that if a cop sets out on any given day with the stereotype of black men that a lot of them have, then it’s very possible that a black man is going to get shot and killed….no matter the circumstance.

I remember that I was on social media when this episode was airing (but not watching it), and I saw that people were saying they were bored, etc. I need y’all to wake up. Yeah, we watch tv for entertainment or whatever, but this was important and necessary.

Thank you, Shonda.

I ran across a blog that gave reasons as to why they didn’t appreciate this episode.


From the show’s beginning, Olivia Pope has not cared a single bit about black people while solving the problems of the privileged and deciding whether it was going to be Fitz or Jake…and we accepted that. We accepted that Olivia Pope is an exceptional black woman who has access to this exceptional world.

NOW, after the writers tossed aside a black senator love interest, vilified her father so he’s a modern “Mister,” and killed off the only “gladiator” who looked like her (granted, in huge part to Columbus Short’s own doing)…and when there has been ample time to address black men being killed in America well before now, they want us to SUDDENLY accept this particular storyline? It won’t EVER come back up again. With the exception of a few one-line references here and there, this episode is disconnected to ALL the other events of the show. Next week, we’ll be back to the same old story and NONE of it will resemble this episode.

Ehhhh. I get where she’s coming from here. But. Characters, like people, get to evolve and change. I believe another important part of this episode was that Liv was called to work for the police, and then decided that’s not where she needed to be.

There are a lot of storylines that have happened with this show that have never been revisited again. It’s kind of the nature of the show. There’s a problem, it’s handled, and (most times) we don’t hear about it again.


The writers missed one huge opportunity that COULD have changed this entire episode and been a great commentary on what needs to happen in the REAL world: The President could have unified the nation with one statement about understanding a father’s loss.

{Fitz} is made heroic and presidential by doing nothing. For the first two seasons, I kept waiting for the POTUS on this show to have a single scene where he actually did something presidential. This episode was no different…and to make this the most offensive of all President Jesus occasions, Fitz stands with his open arms for the black father to finally lay down his burdens and cry. Why did Olivia take the man to the President in the first place?

Disagree again. First of all, I think that when it comes to the real world, this episode showed the president accurately. There is no way the POTUS is going to come out and make a statement within hours (!?) of every police shooting that seems dirty. It simply doesn’t work like that. At the time in the show, all of the evidence hadn’t even come out yet! It would’ve been inappropriate for him to have said something without the end result.

Also, I didn’t see Fitz as a “hero.” At all. Now, I cried my heart out when that father started crying in the oval office. That had nothing to do with Fitz, though. It had everything to do with the gravity of the situation and the pain that was being portrayed by an actor, is one that is very real for the parents of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice…and on and on and on…. I don’t believe Fitz was the focus of this episode at all, honestly. So yeah. No Fitz to the rescue here (for me).


Scandal is not ShondaLand’s most popular show.

Scandal is her most popular show among black viewers between the ages of 25-45, predominantly women. Grey’s Anatomy is still her most popular show across ALL viewership demographics including the demographic that most need to “receive” whatever the intended message.

Running this story for an audience that is essentially “the choir” regarding race in America as Rhimes’ way of showing how connected she is to the issues is also problematic. This episode would have played wonderfully in seasons 1 & 2, but we have long left the land of Olivia Pope, the Fixer.

THIS, I will agree with. There is a huge possibility that those who were watching this episode are on the same page. Preaching to the choir. But. I still wouldn’t take that away from the episode in and of itself.

This episode made me very emotional (obviously). It broke my heart, as I know this is the experience of way too many fathers out here. The thing about it is that not all of them have an Olivia Pope that’s in the right place at the right time to help.

“It was about lives mattering regardless of who you are. I was very moved that Shonda had a lot of feelings about what’s been going on and that her form of protest, her form of expression, her way of contributing, is to write. It did feel that we had come to a point where the writers were comfortable embracing this part of Olivia’s identity, and I like that it was a journey for Olivia herself. She had to cross the picket line to validate her black card.”

– Kerry Washington

“My initial reaction to the script was, ‘Wow—we’re doing this, she’s going there,’ which on one level surprised me and on another level didn’t really, because Shonda has first of all earned the ability to do what she wants, and because creatively she’s very independent and bold and brash. As I read it I thought, this is classic Shonda writing about what moves her.”

– Joshua Malina (David Rosen)

Also, switching subjects for a second…..

Olivia’s abduction just a few episodes ago was a nod to the mass kidnappings of women in Nigeria by Boko Haram, according to Washington. “At a time in this world when we were begging the media to pay attention to the hundreds of black girls that were missing overseas… Shonda wrote the ultimate thing [that] became the epitome of ‘Black Lives Matter,’” she said.

“Rather than ignore the hundreds of black women that were missing, she made a president go to war for this one person. And of course since she’s Shonda, she put that black woman on an auction block. I thought it was a wonderful, poignant choice of hers.”

^^^Interesting! I never would’ve thought that those episodes had anything to do with Boko Haram….

{The Daily Beast}




Street harassment, or nah?

Yesterday morning the topic of discussion was street harassment (on Twitter). Turns out, this video is the reason why…

Okay. So a few things.

1. Men, I need you to take some context clues, nonverbal cues, exercise common sense…SOMETHING.  Never in my adult life have I EVER turned by back on, let alone walked away from, a man I was interested in carrying on a conversation with. If I’m interested in carrying on a conversation, my body language is going to indicate as much. I’m going to face you. I’m going to engage. If you say something, ANYTHING to a woman, and she talks to you while walking away, suddenly having an intense interest in her phone, or simply doesn’t respond at all…I need you to stop…IMMEDIATELY…and leave her alone. Period.

2. I must admit that I feel some sort of way about the message that men basically saying anything to women is harassment. That is not the case, FOR ME. FOR ME, I don’t mind a hello or whatever. I’m not rude. I’m going to speak back. But. AT. THE. VERY. MOMENT. I indicate, or say, that I do not wish to carry on the conversation anymore, you gotta stop.

Don’t follow women in stores (or anywhere for that matter).

Don’t cat-call women.

Don’t whistle at women.

Don’t “hey baby” women.

Don’t press for conversation when it’s clear she isn’t interested.

Don’t call women names simply because they don’t want to engage with you.

Treat women like human beings. Speak if you desire. Ask if they mind having a conversation, and take the hint if, in speaking back, women walk away from you. It’s literally that simple.

3. This whole “Imma record everything so that I can put people on blast on social media” wave? It’s wack. This chick is REALLY wack. Recording it? Posting it? For what? I mean, does she just walk around recording her everyday interactions? Ugh. Stop it people. Try to live your lives without having your finger on the “record” button all the time.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you think this man was wrong? Do you think she was rude? What are your thoughts on street harassment?

Whoa: Anonymous sends message to Kanye West {Video}

In case you aren’t aware of who Anonymous is, they are an international group of hackers who are, well, anonymous. They wage war on their targets around the world (social issues, injustice, government corruption, etc) via keyboard strokes and often address issues they are interested in via YouTube.  Apparently, Kanye West struck a nerve.


“I bet your wife is subconsciously fed up with raising a little boy for a husband.”

“You represent yourself as a man of class.  Yet, everything you say and do is the exact opposite of that. And for that, Anonymous would like to extend a sincere and jolly f*** you.  You will always be the hot-headed Chicago born spoiled little brat that you are, and no expensive designer wear can ever cover that up.”



Ummmm. I actually don’t have anything to say. Soooo I’ll just…leave this right here with you guys.

UPDATED: March 13, 2015

Anonymous posted this youtube link…

And in case you were wondering:


Annnnd a little warning to those at Complex…

So there you have it. Anonymous didn’t have anything to do with this video. Looks like someone went rogue on em.

But those quotes are still….WHOA.