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I love Samsung, but I’ve NEVER had so many problems as I’ve had with the Note 5.

I love Samsung phones. My first one was the S4 and when I got it I didn’t know why I had waited so long to catch the Samsung wave. It was evident how much I loved the phone when, after two years of having it, I wasn’t sick of it yet. It was just a really good phone.

The ONLY reason I upgraded was because I was wanting a bigger screen. I was about to get the Note 4, but then I saw a rumor that the Note 5 was coming out so I decided to hold out until I found out more info. That happened at the beginning of last year. The Note 5 was definitely happening.

Upon first reading that it wouldn’t have a removable battery as well as no sd card slot, I was like ehhhhhhh. The removable battery thing wasn’t too much of  a big deal to me. My phone prior to the S4 didn’t have one and it was never a problem. But no sd card!? Mannnnnn………..

But okay. I (obviously) got over it.

I purchased the Note 5 when it arrived. I was so excited. All nice and shiny and big and such! Yay! Just what I wanted! That was at the end of August.

There were some adjustments, but this phone is AMAZING. I immediately fell in love. The battery life, and not to mention the CAMERA!?!?!?! Yes, those are my top two reasons for loving the phone.

Fast forward to December.

The Note 5 has this stylus (called an S Pen) that operates on a spring. It’s awesome, actually. You press it to pop it out and then pull it, and snap it right in when you’re done.

Until the S Pen breaks, the spring falls on the floor never to be seen again, the top part of the stylus is on the floor as well, and the bottom part of the S Pen IS. STUCK. INSIDE. THE. PHONE.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

I called Samsung headquarters and the representative told me that there was a repair shop in Houston, and that they would replace the S Pen and fix the phone for free, because it was a problem that they were aware of (and my phone is still under warranty).


So I went to the repair store. Only to wait about 3 – 4 hours and eventually be told that I would, in fact, have to pay for the S Pen. After going back and fourth and being told that I was going to have to mail my phone in to not pay for the S Pen, I gave in. Here. Take my $30+. This wait was without wifi in there (I mean SERIOUSLY? In 2015 (at the time)!?!?), by the way, and without ANY of their display items actually working so I couldn’t even play with those.  There was a movie on about a talking dog. So I watched about two of those.

Alright! Problem solved. I’m (somewhat) happy.

Until January.

Another S Pen mishap.

Okay, so this one was like 75-85%% my fault. I fell asleep with my phone in one hand, S Pen in the other. I (kinda – like, my eyes were halfway closed still) woke up to turn the tv off and put my phone up. The first thing I had to do was put the S Pen back in. Which I did. BACKWARDS.

It got stuck. I woke ALL the way up and frantically searched Google. Everything pointed to me needing to just leave it alone because taking it out could ruin the sensor inside of the phone that recognized the S Pen being detached and launched the S Pen application. Basically, it was over.

See, with the Note 5, when you click the S Penout, it launches the s pen function that let’s you write on the screen, or go straight to a note to compose. From what I read, if I attempted to take the S Pen out, it’ll break that sensor.

I then found this video, that showed me how I could remove the S Pen with no damage.

Cool. Hours. I spend hours trying to do this. From like 1:30am – 3:30am (yes, I had to work the next morning).

But then I was like…wait…why is there a video on here, is this a common problem?

And yes, it is. Most people would say that only an idiot would not know how to insert the S Pen back in. But that’s not necessarily the case. It could be a complete accident, or, as a lot of people mentioned, their kids/relatives did it.

What I WOULD say is that only an idiot would design a product so that it goes in perfectly no matter what way you put it in, but when it’s put in the wrong way, it can destroy a major function of the phone.

Turns out all of this was kind of a big deal. It was considered a major design flaw by the tech community (affectionately called “Pengate”).

And Samsung responded:

 “We highly recommend our Galaxy Note 5 users follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure they do not experience such an unexpected scenario caused by reinserting the S pen in the other way around.”

This is why I only take partial responsibility. Yes, it was totally my physical doing, but had it been designed better, I wouldn’t have been able to make this type of mistake that would break the phone.

I ended up calling Samsung again, and they told me they would cover it, but I would have to mail it in and the turnaround was about 9-11 days. I can’t complain about that.

HOWEVER, after trying all day with the above fix (that never worked), I noticed that my S Pen was sticking out further than normal, and then it easily just slid out. This happened that night.

And yes, the S Pen sensor is broken.

At this moment I’m considering just dealing with it. To be honest, I’ve used that part of the phone’s capability MAYBE once. Maybe. I don’t write on it when my phone is off, and I NEVER launch the notes from the automatic pop-up screen when you remove the S Pen. So it’s not really a crucial loss to me.

The Note 5 is, undoubtedly, an amazing device. But they also didn’t think this “improved” S Pen thing out fully. Both are situations they are aware of, and both seem to be common occurrences.

These aren’t HUGE issues I’ve experienced in the grand scheme of things when you consider what all could’ve gone wrong with the phone, but it’s an annoyance. Nobody wants to have these type of 100% avoidable issues with their $800+ device.

Compared to every single other phone I’ve owned, I’ve never had to contact the company about things like this. And I’ve never had to go to a repair store. I read somewhere that Samsung is releasing the Note 6 next year. If that is the case, I REALLY hope they address these issues and improve on the phone.

That’s my story (so far). Hoping for a smooth ride from now on (and still considering sending the phone in for repair *sigh*).

That one time when Tyrese kicked Ginuwine out of TGT…via Instagram

This actually happened a little while ago, but I’m still tickled about it.

OF COURSE the post has been deleted, but here is what Tyrese posted on Instagram about TGT:

We will forever love our brother G as brothers… We have too much history to turn this into anything negative. It was only three of us, we did one album.. it was epic, And now it is over. We have been forced to start looking into someone else… or me and T just might do it solo. The reason it worked is because of our history and mutual respect. I do not know I am just shocked and disappointed that I am even putting up this post…. #ThreeKingsNoMore but I guess…. #LSG only made one album… D*mn.


Ginuwine then responded with…

Wow, really to post personal business is a p**sy move ni**a. Why would you do that ? Since you want to do that keep it going and we will expose it all DIVA! Let’s get it!!!! Be a fu**ing man, not a little boy and talk to me… call, don’t try and manipulate the situation publicly. Wack, wack, wack of you. Exactly why it is the way it is!

Look. This really isn’t a shock.

I mean….this happened…

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ginuwine was high as a kite.

Look at how fed up Tyrese is…


Well. I guess we can look forward to some more music from, well, I don’t know.

We’ll see.

Janet Jackson possibly has throat cancer, may never sing again!

Janet Jackson has postponed her tour a couple of times, however this last time may be for good.

Here is what she posted…

However, the situation may be that she has a cancerous tumor on her vocal chords. has learned Janet Jackson, who recently announced she’s set to undergo surgery, has a tumor that could be cancerous.

“Doctors found a growth on Janet’s vocal cords that could be serious,” a source close to the 49-year-old the “Control” singer told Radar. “It’s a medical condition that has to be taken care of immediately.”

The bad news means the Grammy-winning singer will no longer be able to kick off the 2016 legs of her Unbreakable World Tour on Jan. 9.

via Radar Online

Hopefully all goes well and she does what she needs to do to take care of herself.

Updated: January 7, 2016

Janet Jackson has responded to the above information….

So there you have it, folks! Straight from her own lips!

All is well!


Chris Brown responds to allegations of punching woman. He’s probably high. AF.

As I wrote before, Chris Brown is currently being investigated for punching a woman in the face.

And as usual, he decided to go on social media to address it.

And…as usual…he deleted it shortly thereafter.

Annnnnnnnd…… usual…once it’s out there, it’s out there.

This is…sad.

It’s sad to see someone deteriorating like this. I don’t know what Chris Brown is on, but he’s DEFINITELY on something. SMH

He needs a hug.

And some Jesus.

And new friends.

And therapy.

And a time out from the industry.

This is not going to end well for him if he continues on. SMH.


Chris Brown is under investigation for punching a woman in the eye. Allegedly.

Sometimes, I get a yearning in my soul for Chris Brown to be as great as I know he could’ve been. Even after his many setbacks, I, at times, find myself pulling for him to get himself together and make up for lost time.

Almost every single time I get hopeful, he increases his stupid.

This time, his stupid comes in the form of physical violence against a woman.


Chris Brown is at the center of a battery investigation after a woman claims the singer punched her in the face.

The alleged victim tells us she was at a private party in Brown’s suite at the Palms Hotel in Vegas early Saturday morning. She says was able to get her cellphone into the suite without his security noticing and when she took a pic of the singer, he went off, yelling at her and punching her once in her right eye.

The alleged victim, whose name is Liziane Gutierrez (we’re only identifying at her request) says she left the party and called the cops a few hours later but was not taken to the hospital.

Law enforcement tells us they’re currently investigating the incident and Chris is the suspect.

A rep for Chris tells us the claims are “”undeniably untrue.”




This guy….

Okay, so here is the thing. His people say it’s not true. Like they are supposed to do, right? No shocker there. However, I don’t think there’s been a time when Chris Brown was accused of being violent, and it turned out to not be true. I could be wrong on that.  I know there was a situation where the victim didn’t press charges probably because of an outside deal, but still. This is not a good look.

I hate to lose hope in people, but when they don’t seem to even want it for themselves….

Anyway, we’ll see how this one turns out. There’s still a chance that it’s not true, right?