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Trey Songz: Arrested after Meltdown on Stage

Trey Songz wasn’t happy when his mic got cut off during his set in Detroit at the “Big Show at the Joe” concert.

Songz, real name Tremaine Neverson, knew that he would be cut off and even warned the venue that if they did so, he was going to “go the f*ck crazy.” Trey made good on his promise. As the venue cut his mic, and the lights, he proceeded to tear the stage apart, ripping up equipment and throwing a microphone before jumping into the crowd. ⠀

Another video of #TreySongz going off in #Detroit after the venue cut his mic off (see previous video)

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One of the objects he threw hit a police officer, and he ended up getting arrested.

Here’s more info:

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced charges Thursday against Tremaine Neverson, 32: one count of assaulting a police officer causing injury, and one count of aggravated assault. He was arraigned before Magistrate Dawn White and given a bond of $25,000/10 percent, court records show.

When a Detroit Police Department sergeant approached Songz to arrest him, Songz allegedly punched him, causing a concussion, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. Medics transported the sergeant to an area hospital, where he was treated and since has been released, police said.


The Detroit Detention Center can keep him as far as I’m concerned. Seriously. This dude was told not to go over his allotted time, and was ALSO told that if he DID go over his time, his mic was gonna get cut off.




Politics Ain’t Gonna Save Us

This post has been a little while coming. I wanted to give it some time to see if something else would happen to change my position and thoughts on politics, but so far, that is not the case.

I’ve always been involved and interested in politics. I’ve paid at least a minimal amount of attention to what’s going on, and I’ve voted ever since I was of age. In 2008 that interest and involvement was put on steroids. President Barack H. Obama. I was so proud. So interested. So excited. I shed real tears when the election was called in his favor. I couldn’t believe it!

Fast forward to 2016.

I cannot explain the disappointment and hopelessness I felt being with my family and watching what this country had done on November 8, 2016. And yeah yeah yeah. I know some of y’all are saying that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been any better. Please save it. Close this post if you need to. Because that is a bunch of bull.

Donald Trump. This is a candidate who did not run on policy. He ran on hate. And people (albeit, not the MAJORITY of people) voted for him. EVERY single person who voted for him is problematic. They supported his hate. I don’t care WHAT excuse they give y’all, every single one of them supported hate. They either knowingly did so, or they chose to be ignorant and voted for him anyway. And if you believe for one minute this didn’t happen in response to a black president, then you’re more naive than I was in my thinking there’s NO WAY America would do this. Tuh.

Also, some of those same people are begging him to not do what he said he WOULD do (especially with their healthcare).

But I digress.

Yes, this was disappointing. It was terrifying. But then I found out there was more disappointment to be felt.

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was bad enough, but then I witnessed democrats almost immediately tell us that we must “give him a chance” and work with him and blah blah blah.


So, you’re telling me that you’re gonna bow down, almost IMMEDIATELY, just like the republicans who feigned disgust with him? And you’re going to tell people to try to be cool with it? You’re not even gonna TRY?

THIS is when I really realized it –> Politics ain’t gonna save us.

Those democratic politicians are willing to bend, break, and kiss up for the sake of their jobs and political standing JUST like the republicans. Typing up a letter asking Trump to get rid of Bannon? LOL. Okay. Yeah. Cause that will do it. I am disgusted. I do not know what I expected. Did I expect them to risk their politics for the greater good? Yeah, probably. But here we are. And they aren’t going to do that. This realization was my wake-up call.

Usually, I try not to complain about things if I don’t have a suggestion for a solution. But. Here I am. I’ve got nothing. I do not know where we go from here. I DO know that we can’t rely on politics/politicians to do anything to help or make a major move to do what’s right. Further, as I’ve said before, it is up to us to get out in our communities and help ourselves.

While I will not talk down on those who choose to march or protest, it has literally gotten us nowhere. It got us Donald Trump. Again, I say this while not having a solution. What I DO know, is that the only time REAL change was forced is by two methods.

  1. Hitting the oppressor economically.
  2. Violence.

Now. Here is my spiritual spill. The first Sunday after the election Pastor Ralph D. West, Sr (The Church Without Walls, Houston, Texas) opened his sermon by saying, “What a great time to be alive!” WHET!? But then he broke it down. The bottom line, sometimes God can use the most hateful people to show us His power. I believe God is setting us up to do a new thing. I believe He is going to show Himself powerful. Of course, I desire for that to be shown by Trump not making it into the office in the first place. But maybe it’ll be by Him giving us the means to make it through the next four years. Maybe He’ll show Himself as being even more of a provider of ALL things…including joy, resilience, power, peace, and on and on and on.

That’s all I’ve got, folks. I don’t really know where I stand politically. Not sure if the voting thing is going to happen anymore. I’m just kind in a space where I have moments like, “This…really happened.”

Feel free to tell me your thoughts.