So Ashanti Did This Performance Today….

Ashanti performed on national tv today. And…well I guess it’s just best to let you guys take a look.  Words really can’t describe what I’m feeling.

I actually want it for her, but…


Ok. When I said words can’t describe what I’m feeling…I lied.

I was actually kinda waiting for some mention of April Fools’. 🙁

1. So. She looks good. I like her hair.  Her outfit and such is cute.  I really like this look on her! So, that’s a plus!  Also, the host said the album is doing “fantastic on the charts,” so that’s good too, right? Oh! And you can still probably get some tickets to see her at B.B. King’s tonight!

2. Everything else is terrible.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t “terrible,” but…all I am saying is that if you can’t dance and sing at the same time without noticeably getting out of breath then maybe there needs to be an adjustment made.  But I mean, the dance moves were cute!

Seriously, there are moments where 10 seconds go by and she’s not singing a thing.  The track is doing all the singing! Is that how it does down these days.

The song seems like it’s cute though.

Maybe I’m expecting too much? That could be it.

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