Beyonce and Jay Z quietly paid protesters’ bail in Ferguson/Baltimore

I recently made a decision to not look for celebrities to “speak out” about certain things. Because honestly? Anybody can *say* anything.

One of the reasons why I decided to not put too much weight on whether celebrities make statements or not, is because you have situations like this going on….

NEW YORK:  Rap mogul Jay Z has quietly used his wealth to post bail for people arrested in protests across the United States against police, an author close to him said Sunday.

Dream Hampton, a writer and activist who worked with Jay Z on his 2010 memoir “Decoded,” made the revelations in a series of messages on Twitter that were deleted but were posted by the hip-hop magazine Complex.

“When we needed money for bail for Baltimore protesters, I… hit Jay up, as I had for Ferguson (and he) wired tens of thousands” of dollars within minutes, read one tweet.

She also tweeted that Jay Z and his pop superstar wife Beyonce wrote a “huge check” to support the burgeoning “Black Lives Matter” movement aimed at stopping police brutality.


…that you didn’t even know was happening.

Also, there is literally nothing some of these celebrities can do to satisfy (some) people.

Even when things like this happen…

Jay Z and Beyonce met with Brown and Gray’s families last week at a peace concert in Baltimore by Prince, leaving without making public appearances.

…people say that they only do it for the cameras, as if they can help that there are literally people with the JOB of catching their EVERY public move.

Anyway, this is what’s important. Showing support behind the scenes and using your resources to do so.


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