I bet Beyoncé was PISSED at her Paris show last night (Video)

Okay, so first I saw this…

Now. Anybody who knows ANYTHING about this music business thing knows that artists use tracks for some songs in their shows. No, performers aren’t singing live for three hours straight. At least not those who dance as well.

However, with Bey, you can NEVER tell. She has it down to a science. So when I saw this, something told me that something wasn’t right.

Then I saw this.

Guys. They didn’t bring out her poles, OR her chair for “Partition.”



The poles are the very beginning of the performance (if it’s the same show) so yeah, she was completely thrown off. The ending was awkward too. Turned around looking for the chair and…. nothing.

I guarantee you this. Somebody lost their job last night.


(P.S. Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t posted about Jay Z supposedly announcing she’s pregnant last night during the show. It’s because I don’t believe it. There’s zero video. Zero account of what he actually said. TMZ hasn’t posted it. No credible sources. So yeah. If it happened, I’ll wait until we’re sure. )

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