There is a #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat hashtag happening on Twitter and IT. IS. EVERYTHING.

Look. Your fav could NEVER.

Basically, this hashtag is showing that, no matter what, The Queen is ALWAYS on beat. You’ll get it in a second.


And….you’re welcome.

^^^I’m CRYING.


^^LAWDDDDD y’all even got it to gospel!



Annnnnnnd my top favorites…


Okay so here are my top three…


The runner up to THEEEEE best one…

Annnnnnd my PERSONAL favorite…

^^Look at how many retweets this got. My mentions have been TURNED UP ever since yesterday. Still going. LOL

It’s cool. Anything for The Queen.

UPDATED: 4:15pm

I saw this and had to add it!


UPDATED: May 26, 2015

Ugh! It won’t stop!!!!


^^MANNNNN! This right here!?!?!?!

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