Cast of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Got Into A Fight. Bottles Were Thrown.

One of my very guilty pleasures is partaking into my share of ratchet tv with the loyal viewing of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  I’m here for it.  Even though I’m saying “WHAT!?” and shaking my head most of the time.

Ok.  So Benzino and Stevie J opened up a restaurant together.  Yes.  Like you, I’m wondering who in the world they had to pimp out to get THAT permit approved.  Anyway, if you don’t believe me, then here.

So last night was the opening or something.  All I know is that the full cast of LHHATL was in attendance (or was supposed to be) and that it was some kind of private opening situation.

And there was violence.  Bottles thrown, one story I saw this morning said shots fired, and paws swiping.

TMZ reports:

Filming of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” turned into a CRAZY free-for-all Wednesday … as a massive brawl erupted during production leaving stars bloodied and injured … and TMZ has the wild cell phone video.

The cast was shooting the opening of a restaurant. Sources close to the show tell us … the trouble began when Joseline Hernandez walked in with a girlfriend. We’re told the friend instigated an argument … and pretty soon fists were flying.

Karlie Redd was knocked out … several others suffered bloody cuts … and somebody threw a bottle at Momma Dee, hitting her in the face.

VH1 cameras were rolling the entire time. Of course they were.

Somebody done hit Mama Dee in the face with a bottle, y’all!!!!!!!

Guess we all know how this season is gonna go, huh?

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