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Floyd Mayweather weighs in on Ray Rice suspension


LAS VEGAS (AP) — Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he believes the NFL should have stuck with its original discipline of Ray Rice, saying the league was overly influenced by new video showing Rice knocking out his then-fiancee in an Atlantic City casino elevator.

The boxing superstar — who has had his own domestic abuse issues — said Tuesday he didn’t feel the original two-game suspension should be changed because of video.

“I think there’s a lot worse things that go on in other people’s households, also,” Mayweather said. “It’s just not caught on video, if that’s safe to say.”

Mayweather, who spent two months in a Las Vegas jail in 2012, still maintains his innocence even after pleading to reduced domestic abuse charges stemming from an attack on his former girlfriend while their children watched. Had Mayweather not taken the plea bargain, he would have gone to trial on felony charges that could have gotten him up to 34 years in prison.

Mayweather was also named in a civil lawsuit last week by his former fiancee, who said the fighter assaulted her and kept her from leaving his Las Vegas mansion. Shantel Jackson also said the boxer publicly humiliated her by posting a sonogram showing her pregnant with twins online, and then claiming she aborted them.

Mayweather said he has been falsely accused many times.

“Like I’ve said in the past, no bumps, no bruises, no nothing,” Mayweather said. “With O.J. and Nicole, you seen pictures. With Chris Brown and Rihanna, you seen pictures. With (Chad) Ochocinco and Evelyn, you seen pictures. You guys have yet to see any pictures of a battered woman, a woman who says she was kicked and beaten (by Mayweather). So I just live my life and try to stay positive, and try to become a better person each and every day.”

{Via AP}

This is how I’m feeling about this…


Okay. And let me say this.  I am SICK. AND. TIIIIIIIIIIRED. of people saying that “we” are trying to control what goes on in their (Janay and Ray) relationship.  NO. WE. ARE. NOT. Y’all keep saying that what goes on in their home is their business.  Floyd Mayweather says that there are worse things that happen inside people’s households.

I’m going to give him a little pass on that because maybe he wasn’t able to read the facts on this story.  THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN IN THE PRIVACY OF THEIR HOUSEHOLD.  This happened in public. It was a public casino. They were on a public elevator.

Janay can love him all she wants.  I mean, *we* can’t change that. But *we* also aren’t going to sit back and say “oh” to him knocking her out. NOPE.

Whew.  Y’all make me so tired.

Military Music Festival drops CeeLo Green


In another blow to his career, Green has just been dropped from the Navy sponsored Freedom LIVE concert organized by the Naval District Washington (NDW)’s portion of the military’s Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) department.

Last night the MWR announced, via their Facebook page, that Green would no longer be a part of the show that is being held at the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in D.C.:

We seek a Department-wide culture of gender dignity and respect where sexual assault is completely eliminated and never tolerated, where sexual assault victims receive compassionate and coordinated support, and where offenders are held appropriately accountable.

Unfortunately, one of the performers we signed for the JBAB Freedom Live show on 20 September recently posted comments on social media that we consider to completely inconsistent with Navy core values. Regardless of intent or context, the lack of sensitivity towards an issue that is one of the great challenges facing our Navy is unacceptable.

As a result, we have made the decision to pull CeeLo Green from the Freedom Live event on 20 September. Little Big Town, the main attraction for the event, will still perform as scheduled. We will announce as soon as possible a replacement opening act of the high quality that you expect and deserve.

{via The Root}

Yeah, this isn’t gonna get better for CeeLo Green.

Bet he’ll think twice next time before he so idiotically speaks on controversial issues.

Latest celebrity who thought it was cool to talk: Fabolous


When will they learn, Father?


*scratches head*

THIS is what makes him “sick” of this generation? RIP tweets, etc and the ALS challenge?  I mean, don’t get me wrong…the “challenge” wore me out as well, but….THAT isn’t what makes me “sick.” And exactly what generation is he talking about?

I mean….

Well. Kid Fury got wind of it….


And again, out of ALL of the stuff that’s going on, THIS is what makes him sick?

I guess, sis.

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Nick Cannon Speaks Out About Marriage Situation

And when I say “speaks out,” I, of course, mean on Twitter.

(Does he mean with just this specific situation? Cause he definitely put all their bedroom business out there in that interview…)

Sooooo there you go folks!

In case you were wondering….I guess this clears it all up, right?

Actually, it doesn’t. LOL

I’m thinking all he did was confirm that there are issues within their marriage.  Not sure what the purpose of this was. He said that Mariah was being talked about for being at fault, and I honestly have seen NOTHING of the such.  Everything I’ve seen cites her being fed up with him with doing things like TALKING ABOUT THE WOMEN HE’S SLEPT WITH WHILE DOING INTERVIEWS!?

Oh well. Again, I hate to see them split. I hope they can work it all out!

CeeLo apologizes for rape comments

Here is what he posted on Twitter:

“Attributed to me on on Twitter”????

You mean, what YOU typed out, reiterated, and defended? Your TRUE feelings about what is and is not rape?

Just to refresh your memory one of his comments about rape was:

“Women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!! If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH implies consent.”

To read more of what he tweeted, click here.

Also, y’all know that reality show CeeLo had coming on TBS?  Well, Deadline reports that…well…it’s not happening.

TBS already has taken down its web page for The Good Life hours after its cancellation. The axing comes in the wake of star CeeLo Green rattling the Twittersphere during the holiday weekend with controversial, and since-deleted, comments about rape.


Oh.  And apology NOT accepted.

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