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New Music: “I” – Kendrick Lamar


I’ll admit, my first time listening, I was a little thrown off.  I wasn’t ready. But about two minutes in, I decided I like this.  I really do.  And for the most part, it’s because of the message.  Positive rap music, I’m here for it.

As I’m typing this, I’m listening to it again.  And I’ve actually decided that Kendrick Lamar is a genius. I love the chance he took with this. I love the production. Using a sample that, at first, I thought was a bit too much. But nah. It works.  I was told that if I listened to it only once that I was gonna think it was trash. And that person was right.  Gotta get past the shock of the first hearing and LISTEN to it. So yeah. I like it.

“And if you read between the lines, we’ll learn how to love one another! But you can’t do that, I said you can’t do that without loving yourself first!”

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