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Reggie Bush says he disciplines his daughter “harshly.” She’s ONE.

Seriously. What’s going on, here?

Am I missing something?

From Twitter:

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WTH is she doing, at ONE, to warrant “harsh” discipline? What could the situation POSSIBLY be to “try” to not leave bruises on a one year old?

Adrian Peterson’s controversial parenting methods sit just fine with fellow NFL running back Reggie Bush, who said he’d consider “harshly” disciplining his own 1-year-old daughter if the situation arose.

Bush spoke out in defense of the embattled Vikings star Tuesday on WFAN’s “Boomer and Carton” show, claiming the severe discipline Peterson meted out to his son was similar to what he experienced as a child.

“I was punished the same way,” the Lions RB said. “And I know a lot of my friends and a lot of the guys I played with, they were punished the same way, too.”

“I got what we call whoopings.”

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Is Reggie Bush just needing some attention? If so, here it is, sir. You got it.

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Jameis Winston doesn’t have the best decision making skills…

Warning:  There’s some language in here….

You’d think that someone who is currently being investigated (again) over rape allegations would kind of fly under the radar, huh?

Not such the case for Jameis Winston, who, according to Twitter, was…well…

Media preview

Now, this is where he got that from:


Funny on camera by some random guy who probably doesn’t have a whole lot at stake? Yeah. Funny for a star quarterback who is currently being investigated for rape and is in the middle of football season? NOPE.

Not a good look sir.  Not a good look at all. I mean, was he participating in a dare?  Did he get paid millions in United States currency to do some stupid ish like this? Sir.



Seriously, what’s wrong with him?  And if he gets up and gives the same explanation he did for stealing those crab legs I think I will just SCREAM.  This IS NOT you “just being young.” No. This right here is stupid. Like…REALLY dumb.

UPDATED, September 17, 2014, 11:50am:

Rihanna isn’t very happy with CBS.

On this bright and early Tuesday morning, Rihanna has a message for CBS:

See, Rihanna did a rendition of “Run This Town” for the game on Thursday, but given the controversy surrounding domestic violence, CBS decided to pull it. SMH.

When people figured out that this week’s Thursday night football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers would open with a song from Rihanna, they weren’t pleased, and the NFL gave in to them by agreeing not to play the song. But the reaction says more about how we unfairly treat victims of domestic abuse than it does about the NFL’s sensitivity to violence against women.

CBS Sports and NFL Network plan to open every Thursday night game this season with “Run This Town,” the 2009 collaboration between Jay Z and Rihanna. But, after an especiallycontentious week of controversy over former Ravens running back Ray Rice — who was dropped from the team after a surveillance video depicting him punching his then-fiancee was made public — it seemed like a bad PR move to include Rihanna, who was infamously the victim of domestic abuse in a former relationship with Chris Brown.

After considerable push back for partnering a Ravens game with a Rihanna song, the NFL Network decided to reconsider. “Run This Town” did not play on Thursday night; instead, CBSaired coverage of the domestic violence controversy surrounding Rice. “We thought… we needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage,” a spokesperson for the NFL Networksaid.

{via Think Progress}

Dear CBS,

This is what you’re doing…

Not including a song by Rihanna, because she was a VICTIM of domestic abuse?



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Adrian Peterson releases statement on child abuse charges…

Adrian Peterson has been indicted for negligent injury to a child, and turned himself in in Houston over the weekend:

Here is his statement via Bleacher Report:

I have to live with the fact that when I disciplined my son the way I was disciplined as a child, I caused an injury that I never intended or thought would happen. I know that many people disagree with the way I disciplined my child. I also understand after meeting with a psychologist that there are other alternative ways of disciplining a child that may be more appropriate.

I have learned a lot and have had to reevaluate how I discipline my son going forward. But deep in my heart I have always believed I could have been one of those kids that was lost in the streets without the discipline instilled in me by my parents and other relatives. I have always believed that the way my parents disciplined me has a great deal to do with the success I have enjoyed as a man. I love my son and I will continue to become a better parent and learn from any mistakes I ever make.

I am not a perfect son. I am not a perfect husband. I am not a perfect parent, but I am, without a doubt, not a child abuser. I am someone that disciplined his child and did not intend to cause him any injury. No one can understand the hurt that I feel for my son and for the harm I caused him. My goal is always to teach my son right from wrong and that’s what I tried to do that day.

I accept the fact that people feel very strongly about this issue and what they think about my conduct. Regardless of what others think, however, I love my son very much and I will continue to try to become a better father and person.

While he was benched for Sunday’s game, the Vikings have decided to reinstate him.  Here is what the Vikings owners have to say about the decision (via Yahoo!):

“As evidenced by our decision to deactivate Adrian from yesterday’s game, this is clearly a very important issue,” the owners said. “On Friday, we felt it was in the best interests of the organization to step back, evaluate the situation, and not rush to judgment given the seriousness of this matter. At that time, we made the decision that we felt was best for the Vikings and all parties involved.

“To be clear, we take very seriously any matter that involves the welfare of a child. At this time, however, we believe this is a matter of due process and we should allow the legal system to proceed so we can come to the most effective conclusions and then determine the appropriate course of action. This is a difficult path to navigate, and our focus is on doing the right thing. Currently, we believe we are at a juncture where the most appropriate next step is to allow the judicial process to move forward.”

Bleacher Report gives more information about the police report via CBS:

Sports Radio 610 in Houston obtained a draft of the police report which says Peterson admitted that he did, in his words, “whoop” one of his children last May while the boy was visiting him in Houston.

When the 4-year-old boy returned to Minnesota, his mother took him to a doctor. The police report said the boy told the doctor Peterson had hit him with a branch from a tree.still

The doctor told investigators that the boy had a number of lacerations on his thighs, along with bruise-like marks on his lower back and buttocks and cuts on his hand.

The police report says the doctor described some of the marks as open wounds and termed it “child abuse.” Another examiner agreed, calling the cuts “extensive.

More from CBS Houston:

According to police reports, the child, however, had a slightly different story, telling authorities that “Daddy Peterson hit me on my face.” The child also expressed worry that Peterson would punch him in the face if the child reported the incident to authorities. He also said that he had been hit by a belt and that “there are a lot of belts in Daddy’s closet.” He added that Peterson put leaves in his mouth when he was being hit with the switch while his pants were down. The child told his mother that Peterson “likes belts and switches” and “has a whooping room.”

Peterson also allegedly said via text message to the child’s mother that he “felt bad after the fact when I notice the switch was wrapping around hitting I (sic) thigh” and also acknowledged the injury to the child’s scrotum in a text message, saying, “Got him in nuts once I noticed. But I felt so bad, n I’m all tearing that butt up when needed! I start putting them in timeout. N save the whooping for needed memories!”

In further text messages, Peterson allegedly said, “Never do I go overboard! But all my kids will know, hey daddy has the biggie heart but don’t play no games when it comes to acting right.”


When Peterson was asked how he felt about the incident, he said, “To be honest with you, I feel very confident with my actions because I know my intent.” He also described the incident as a “normal whooping” in regards to the “welps” on the child’s buttocks, but that he felt bad immediately when he saw the injuries on the child’s legs. Peterson estimated he “swatted” his son “10 to 15” times, but he’s not sure because he doesn’t “ever count how many pops I give my kids.

My thoughts on spanking:

I was spanked as a child.  I’m all for it as a form of discipline. However, I recognize that parenting and discipline has evolved, and there are other techniques that can (and should) be used.  I am of the opinion that more parents should seek to learn these methods, and gain understanding of the reasoning behind problematic behavior in children.  Spanking shouldn’t be the only form of discipline parents enforce.  But this is the thing.  The other forms of discipline take PATIENCE. They do.  And it can get frustrating.  And that is why spanking ends up being the go-to form of discipline.  It’s quick. It’s fast. Immediate. But the truth is that it’s not appropriate for every single discipline problem.

But yeah. Sometimes you just gotta get that belt out. That’s just my opinion.

My thoughts on the incident:

Personally, it looks like things went way too far. Leaves in the child’s mouth? For what? damage to his SCROTUM? A “whooping room??” Nope. Never. No. Unacceptable. After seeing the pictures, I can understand why the doctor called authorities. He/she basically had no choice.  In that profession, if there is ANY evidence of abuse, they HAVE to report it.

On the other hand, it is possible the child is being fed lines from a scorned woman. I am not saying this is the case, but I am saying that is something that has to be looked into. Which leads me to this…

My thoughts on the Vikings reinstating Adrian Peterson:

I’m assuming that they are going to go with the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing. You know, how we do things here in the United States of America (supposedly?).  I understand the argument that they could suspend/bench him until it’s all taken care of, but is that really the best course of action?  Or should they do exactly what they are doing, waiting for the investigation to play out, let the legal system work, and then enforce whatever punishment for violating whatever policy that they have in the contract? As of now he isn’t guilty of anything.  Let’s not forget that.

I understand both sides.  And the truth of the matter is that no matter what decision the NFL makes, they are in so much deep s*** right now until it almost doesn’t even matter what they do.  They aren’t going to be looked at favorably either way it goes.

What say you?

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Janay Rice creates Twitter account….tweets dislike of criticism

So it looks like she created this account to specifically say she loves her husband and shame on us for not living him too and we’re all that’s wrong in her life?

^^Oh. Girl.


No. Comment.

As far as I know, this is her real account. If I find out something different I’ll let y’all know!

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