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Look at Mona Scott Young Lying to Us

Shoutout to one of my faithful readers for pointing this out to me last night (hey, Donie!)!

So y’all remember from Monday evening when Joseline was leaving Stevie cause she needed a break? When she went to go chill with K. Michelle cause she didn’t want to be around Stevie J?

Here’s a photo from that evening….


And y’all remember how she left and went there without telling Stevie where she was going? Right?  And how she didn’t want to be around Stevie? Right?




I guess 12 weeks ago (when the photo was posted by Joseline on Instagram), Joseline wasn’t aware that Stevie wasn’t supposed to know where she was.

I considered that maybe this was two completely different times. But nah. Both of these photos were posted on the same day.  And I understand wearing the same dress on two different occasions, but the same exact hair? Necklace? Bracelet? Nah.  These pictures were taken the same night.


We see past your lies, Mona. SMH

LHHATL: “Release Day” – Review


– This opening scene with her daughter.  It made me feel so sad for her (Eva) and so disgusted with Mimi.  I just don’t understand.

– “I love Eva more than life, no matter what anybody says. I would never do ANYTHING to hurt my little girl.” – You ma’am, are delusional.

– She’s still trying to act like the only reason she did it is because she was trying to control a situation that was “out of her hands.”

– “I needed to take care of me. And most importantly? I needed to take care of my daughter.” <– By doing a porn?  Goodbye.  The respect I have for her is now in the double digit negatives.

– No, seriously.  Mimi said this was an opportunity for her to provide for her daughter on her own.  More disgust.  More disrespect.  Because SHUTUP.  You are (were, I’m guessing) a business owner.  You are on a national tv show. I’m sure you get money for appearances or whatever.  You did this because you were GREEDY. No ma’am.

– Nokia gives me slimy snake every single time he pops up. He’s so happy about this tape. Mimi is soooooo stupid.

– I’m sorry.  Did he say they shook the floor?  LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Oh. Mimi. Girl.  You are THE dumbest broad in the history of ever.  For THIS man?  This is who you let pimp you out?  Look at how they are lying talking about there’s no third person.  BYE. EVERYBODY knows you’re lying. BYE.

Stevie J

– At this moment, seeing him with his daughter…I don’t know. It warmed my heart.  You can tell she really loves him.  It’s a sweet scene.

“Where you going?” – Stevie

“Uh uh.” – Joseline

^^^ I don’t know WHY that was so funny to me but it was.  She answered his questions with “uh uh.” LMAO

– His “wife” leaving and he’s talking about littering. LOL


– K. Michelle’s face when Joseline said she needs to figure out how to do music without Stevie J. LOL

– Ohhhhh Joseline’s hair in this studio is CAYUTE. She looks like a normal, sober most of the time, girl.

– “BISH THIS A REAL PORN!” – K. Michelle <— Yup. Yup it is.



– She said Althea has on a diaper. LMAO

– How she flipped that iPad cover over. Yes.

– And YES, Erica….that is a PROFESSIONAL tape. I’m glad they aren’t on here acting like it’s just a homemade sex tape.

– Man Erica about to make me cry, man.

– “You better talk to her before I do cause Imma hurt her feelings.” <— This is me.

– “Where is your integrity? Where your morals, where your values as a woman and a mother. Where? Where are they?”


– This “I’m sorry” banner. LOL

– Bobby V pops up again.

– This is a cute party.


– Man this is the epitome of “for better or for worse.”  I know I’ve STAYED saying she should leave him, but she found a way to work through it and work it out. WHEW! Not sure if it would’ve been me (yeah it DEFINITELY wouldn’t have been. NOPE.), but that’s what’s up.


– Oh he’s got to let this uncouth chick go.  I’m serious. BOTH he and Althea should’ve left well enough alone.  Why stir the pot with people you know don’t get along?

– And he’s trying to calm her down with one arm. LOL  This apology went allllll wrong.

– Buuuuut while Althea is holelring about the ring on her finger, um, Karlie had one of those too. From him. So.

– Why is he driving?

Karlie Redd

– Her weave isn’t…blended well.

– I agree with her, Althea doesn’t know how to act.


– I’m TOO over these conversations between him and his mom. It’s stupid.  I’m sick of it.  He is NOT, I repeat, he IS NOT a man.  He can’t keep his mom out of ANY of his business! She’s literally enmeshed in EVERY area of his life, including what’s going on in his pants.  It’s pitiful.

– He can’t make a decision about anything in his personal life without his mom getting in the middle and then he goes off and does exactly what she instructs him to do.  I can’t. I don’t want to see anymore of this, to be honest.

– This apology with Mama Dee in the middle. Stupid stupid stupid. Texts. Ugh. I’m done. Over it.

**So I saw the previews for next week.  If I were Ariane and Erica I simply couldn’t be Mimi’s friend anymore.  Not (only) because she’s now a porn star, but because she’s LYING to their faces about it being a home video.  Nope.  I can’t be your friend.

And I see next week we have another conversation between Scrappy and his mamma about HIS life.

P.S. So I’m hearing at the taping of the reunion show basically EVERYBODY got into a fight. Police, paramedics, all of that. Whew.

Updated: July 16, 2014, 4:45

Had to update this with Dustin’s video. *language!!* <– Y’all know I always try to warn y’all. LOL

Reasons Why He’ll Never Get Close To Beyonce Again: Stevie J Acting Childish

Before you go any further let me go ahead and warn you all that the following is filled with strong language and….foolishness.

I don’t know what happened on LHHATL last night (haven’t watched it yet), but I’m guessing this has something to do with something that happened on there. I log onto Twitter, minding my own business, and I see this:


I have sooooo many.

Yes, that would be Althea, who I’m assuming is still Benzino’s fiancee. But….how?  Why?


Let us continue.

So Althea clears up one of my major questions:

Okay! Cool. So. Um.  Why does Stevie J have it?  Or anybody else other than your man?

Ladies, I swear…one day y’all are gonna learn.  I mean, she’s looking STRAIGHT into the camera, too.

So here we have Stevie J continuing to be childish.

Annnnnnd enters Benzino.



(Real tears.)



Whew.   Every word Benzino wrote?  I believe it.  Every. Single. Word.   HOWEVER.   Y’all.  Do y’all see how…lame all of this is?  Childish, petty, all of that.  GROWN men…carrying out on social media.  I just.  I can’t.   But if I ignore all of that then Imma just have to give it up to Benzino on this one.  

Updated: July 15, 2014, 2:40pm  

So.  I see, true to form, Stevie J deleted his tweets. SMH.  But guess who was strong on that screenshot this morning, tho?   Hold, please.  

Screenshot_2014-07-15-08-25-19   Screenshot_2014-07-15-08-25-27   Screenshot_2014-07-15-08-25-34  

Here’s Benzino’s responses…(read from bottom to top on each screen)

  20140715_135638   20140715_135715   20140715_135748

Althea’s tweets weren’t really saying anything other than that was her with Beinzino. *shrugs*   Benzino still tweeting tho (hopefully these won’t be deleted, but I’m prepared just in case)…  

“The funny thing is I had pay the gas & light bill at the his Mansion twice, they had no hot water & I let him and jos stay the night smh”

^Tweet that has since been deleted. OOP.

Benzino also deleted a tweet answering a fan and saying that he and Stevie J will never be cool again.

These deleted tweets….and this…

…kind of has me wondering if this is all for show.   Mona, are you behind this girl?  Wouldn’t put it past her.

Yung Joc’s WIFE Files For Divorce

Yes.  You read that correctly.

TMZ reports:

The wife of “Love and Hip Hop” star Yung Joc’s must have finally reached her tolerance level watching her hubby and his sidepiece on TV … so she’s pulling the plug on their marriage.

Alexandria Robinson filed to divorce the 31-year-old rapper.   They were high school sweethearts and have been married forf 13 years.  They have 3 kids.

Joc’s been carrying on a high profile relationship with Karlie Redd on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”  They live together on the show.  And get this … the GF gets really pissed off when she suspected he cheated on her.


I honestly thought TMZ had this wrong.  I thought that they may have put Yung Joc’s name on a header that was for someone else.  But no.  This is Young Joc.  And he is MARRIED.


I cannot believe this, guys.  This is disgusting.  He’s all on NATIONAL TV doing this and that with this random and the next….and LIVING WITH Karlie Redd.  I….what?

Take me to the king.

LHHATL: “Round And Round We Go” – Review

Whew!  I’m finally caught up!  This is for the episode that just aired this past Monday, July 7th.

Kaleena (since she’s clearly on this show now)

– If someone is “always” a distraction and is “always” possessive….then why continue to have them around?

– Ashley is trippin cause Kaleena is contacting…her HUSBAND?  See?  This is why these situations never work.


Hold up.  Did she say her son lives with her parents because of her singing career?  I’m sorry, but BULLSH*T.  Are you kidding me?  Let’s be clear.  There are artists who have careers and work that ish out.  Wow.  She said that this is the only way to get her son home. Girl WHAT?  It’s not your career that’s getting in your way, it’s your LIFESTYLE.  You can’t raise your son, but you can fly your…whatever…out to turn up with you??? If the hardest working woman in the industry (I don’t need to say her name, right?) can manage her career and motherhood, then honey you can too. Ugh.

– “I feel like I’m sharing you.” <– What is wrong with this Ashley chick, guys.

– These tears…cause Kaleena said she loves her husband more…I’m just….what? And Kaleena asks if she can take it back….WUT.

– Oh look! Kaleena’s hair is black!


– Glad she’s using this platform to make moves in her career.

– I teared up a little bit watching Tammy get ready. It was sweet.

– Not what I would’ve worn (orrrr what I would’ve liked for HIM to wear!), but that’s not the point. LOL.  They did it their way, and they are happy.  Bottom line.  CONGRATS!

– Oh Deb’s face when they broke the news. A slow progression to a frown from a smile. Whew. And Mona’s (Tammy’s mom) shifty eyes….WHEW.

– I understand Deb’s reaction.


– “If Tammy is happy, the woman of my house, then that’s it.  I don’t have to have no conversation with anybody else about getting married.  That’s it.” <– REAL. LOVE IT.


– Whoa. Trying to have this conversation with Erika P. backfired. Goodness, he’s dumb.

– What is this screaming in public restaurants stuff??

– Wait. Who is Lance?

– WAIT. Why did the screen go black?

– WAIT. WAIT. WAIT.  Did she throw a drink at him?  Did he hit her? WHAT HAPPENED!? WTH ARE YOU DOING, MONA!?

– Scrappy gotta stop dealing with these loud ratchets, man.  The situation is over and she’s still in the restaurant taking her shoes off and hollering.


– Scrappy is telling the truth.  Joseline has no reason to be mad at him. *shrugs*

– “You’ll **** a dog in the street that has no furs.” <— She’s killing me. LOL

– “She only took you down for the same reason I took you down.” <– Y’all.  The face Joseline made after she said this has me ROLLING. I had to hit that rewind. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

– Y’all this whole tennis scene is just too funny.  It should be a comedy skit.

– “I don’t know why people think I love my husband so much until I can’t live without him.”


Moving right along.


– “Everybody says I don’t have a neck, doc…” <– LMAO

– It’s amazing things didn’t turn out worse for him looking at these x-rays. Man.

– He keeps saying he doesn’t want to talk about this situation with Althea and Stevie anymore, but he keeps bringing it up. I don’t understand…..

– “This relationship is magical.” <– LOL. Ok.

– He almost killed himself trying to pop this champagne.

–  This is the second woman he’s proposed to on reality tv.  On the same show. Congratulations, tho!!!

Mama Dee

– What. In. The. World. Is. This.

– I know this isn’t new behavior for her, but it’s still amazing.

– Erika needs to stop.  She’s the one who started throwing shots at Scrappy.  BYE, FELICIA. Another situation of women coming at men and expecting them not to say anything back.

– So she’s making promises on behalf of her son? What?


– She’s so messy until it’s funny.  The thing about it is that she tries to act like her conversations are genuine and they just aren’t….

***Seriously…Joseline needs therapy.  She’s in such a bad place. And she keeps talking about this career she has and can’t see that it’s nothing.  Really.  It’s nothing. Even Robin Thicke sold more “Paula” albums than she ever will. My goodness. I mean, look at this performance in Dallas from last night.  They were booing her, y’all.

In THIS case, Stevie was correct with this….SMH