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RHOA: “Southern Discomfort” – Review

I am fiiiiiiinally all caught up with Real Housewives of Atlanta! Yay!

I’m gonna go over the most recent episode and touch on a few things from the last 3 (or was it 4?) that I watched as well.

Kandi & Todd

Let’s go ahead and talk about this marriage. First of all, we all know it isn’t going to last. We know this. You know it. I know it. But…since they are still married we can act like there’s still hope. Going to counseling was a great idea of Kandi’s and Todd being willing to do so shows that he has an interest (no matter how little) in saving his marriage. However, while I know we only saw a piece of the session, I sure do hope more comes from it.

It is clear that Todd was holding on to things that happened even before they got married. For him to bring up the prenup shows that there was some injury there. He quickly brushed over it by saying he was cool with it now, but that’s simply not the case when it was so heavy on his mind that he brought it up in the first place.

Todd stated that when he comes home he feels like he has to deal with a lot. For him, home = stress. And who wants to voluntarily be stressed out? Kandi’s mother was enough! BUT. And this is a big one…they did this to themselves by getting into business with each other on top of everything else. Nope nope nope. That was a terrible thing to do. Now home is also the office, he’s stressed out, they are trying to work out a blended family, he would rather be away from home, and sex has already started to go downhill in a 6 month old marriage.

The therapist gave them homework. They were supposed to go out and have a date night. GOING OUT TO HANG OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AT AN EVENT IS NOT A DATE NIGHT. As soon as they walked in the door, Todd went one way and Kandi went another….while both parties talked about everything but their marriage and to everybody else but each other. That was not the assignment.

One thing for sure, Todd has totally emotionally checked out. You can tell by his body language toward Kandi. He looks worn out.


Your mother is holding you back and messing you up. Period.


This is from last week….but REALLY? No matter the situation or how you feel, that was SO inappropriate. I am disgusted with her. To bring that up (1) when y’all don’t have an issue with each other, (2) when you don’t know if it’s true, (3) in front of other people who had no idea AND WHO DON’T LIKE HER, and (4) right after going through the hell Phaedra has been through? That showed a total lack of class on Cynthia’s part.

Also…her money is gonna run out fooling around with Peter.

At this one on one dinner with Phaedra, the FIRST thing that should’ve happened is an apology from Cynthia to Phaedra. This was a stupid idea.


I am so confused. She totally acts like she doesn’t have anything for these women, but is in the psychologist’s office trying to further hash out issues with Cynthia? There was a time when there was an invitation for this conversation but she said she wasn’t interested. But I guess we can all change our minds.

For the record, I do feel as if this is a good idea. I think that sitting down and getting it ALL out on the table and deciding on where to move past that could be beneficial. Not necessarily with the intention of being best friends, but at least to get to the point where you don’t want to snatch each other every time you’re close to one another.

Oh. And I see NeNe leaves the conversation next week. Shocker.


Look. These ladies better leave her alone. She is about FourFive seconds from snatching the very edges off of one of their heads. I can’t believe how insensitive some of these ladies are being toward her. She’s just been through A LOT. My goodness. I mean, I haven’t agreed with everything Phaedra has said/done, but have a little compassion, you know?


As I’ve said before, I admire her for wanting to put things out on the table and not letting issues linger, HOWEVER. At an event (previous episode) honoring said person IS NOT the place. Are you serious right now? Come on.

I have the feeling that, because of her background and experiences, she has a strong desire to be understood and generally liked. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing but when you’re dealing with someone who is acting like a child (Porsha), then you just have to let that go, Sis.


This struggle movie is not gonna make it (previous episode(s)). It’s actually kind of silly and THAT is why Roger Bobb doesn’t have time for you, ma’am. Writing a script based on your petty issues with other petty women is just not the business.


*clears throat*

Excuse me, but did Porsha say (previous episode) that Peter is AWL up in Atlanta sleeping with every woman who will spread her legs open?



Well that’s that. I’m interested in seeing how next week’s episode is going to play out. I wonder if anything will actually get resolved…

Oh. And I just saw this…

Demetria McKinney - RHOA 1


“Cease and Desist” – Nene Leakes serves Kenya Moore for defamation

I woke up to a reader alerting me of this post from Kenya Moore’s Instagram account:




My dislike for Nene is only getting stronger.  Kenya takes her fair share of shots at Nene (mainly her physical appearance), but Nene DEFINITELY returns the favor. This is so silly and so stupid. I cannot. I don’t even understand how this is even a for real legal issue. LOL

Nene surely can dish it out but can’t take even a bit of it. Get her out of here. This is laughable.

By the way. Can someone PLEASE let Nene know that NOBODY else is hurting her character/image? She’s doing a REALLY good job of accomplishing that herself.

Just wow.

BYE Nene.

RHOA: “Divide and Ki-Ki” (S:7, E:11)


– Oh so she’s STILL going in on NeNe, huh? COOL.

– WELP. Claudia shut Porsha up real quick, huh? HAAAAAA!!!!

– The camera zoomed in on Claudia’s feet at the pool. LOL

– Claudia knows ALLLL the tea!


– Now she’s listing off her material possessions. LMAO! Oh this is GREAT!!!!! Ma’am!

– Porsha, Phaedra, and Kandi are all disgusting me for cosigning this behavior from NeNe. Sitting up at this table cackling over her immaturity. It’s disturbing to me. Oh and Phaedra has REALLY got some nerve. Man..

– Oh wait. WAIT. So she’s reprimanding Phaedra now? I’m confused….

– She says she feels bad. I’m not getting sucked in. She apologized (so far not to the people she needs to send that apology to) and then goes back and does the same ish. Nope.

– NeNe started this off all wrong…”sometimes people say things and snatch accolades” girl WHAT? You mean YOU? YOU do that? What a bully.


– Her butt. WHEW.


– Gawd. She’s doing a redo of sex talk night. For why, Lawd!?

– Well I guess I spoke too soon.  It actually worked out. The ladies look like they had fake fun.


– Sitting up here acting like she wasn’t throwing shade. BYE, ma’am.

– “I had no intentions of offending her or throwing shade.” <— Why is she lying so hard?


– This is big of her to go to Phaedra to apologize.  I mean BIG. Especially when she wasn’t the one who started this.

– Wow…they are late to her show…this is the ENTIRE reason they are even there!

– Heyyyy so I”m feeling this single, “100”….yes ma’am, Demetria!

– WAIT! I thought Da Brat started dressing like a woman again?

– Demetria looks and sounds great!!!


– WTH is Porsha wearing (to Kandi’s event)? Well, I guess they ARE about to be on the beach but this looks like lingerie??

– “There you go knocking my accomplishments..” <— Porsha. Sis.  You are on a national tv show. Your “accomplishment” is…selling hair?

– “You’re such a contradictory.” <—- Stop talking Porsha. And I don’t ever think she understood the error of her ways. SMH.

– Wait. Did she threaten Kenya with a lawsuit???  BYE!!!

– Y’all noticed that she never denied what Claudia said, huh?

Okay! So I’m all caught up now!  And you know what? I really want these women to stop it with NeNe. I want them to stop trying to be her friend. I want them to stop trying to fix it. I want them to stop trying to get her to understand her ways. She’s awful. And she doesn’t deserve friends. The way she goes back and fourth with “oh yeah now we’re friends” to “ohhhh no I wouldn’t call us friends” is deplorable. And as one of these ladies said, she’s nasty, mean, and rude, and she’s happy to be nasty, mean, and rude.

So to sum it all up:

Anyway, that’s the main thing that’s bothering me right now. I guess we’re about to see what’s going down with Claudia and Kordell, huh? My my my.



RHOA: “Puerto Read-Co!” (S:7, E:10)

Here we go with one of these trips that never turn out well. Oh well, bring the drama!


– Okay. So let’s talk about the toes. So, from how she was talking (and others reacting), I was thinking there was something wrong with her actual toe shape or something. Like, they were crooked or whatever.  Her feet are actually nice, she just has corns! Um. A lot of them. What I don’t understand, however, is why hasn’t she gotten this taken care of before now? It’s something that can be fixed!? And that’s just GOTTA hurt. Plus the bunion? Ouch.

In case you need a refresher…

– WHOA! The doc said her corns are a pretty mild case! YIKES!

– Wait… Sheesh.

– This look on Claudia’s face when NeNe made her little comments has made me nervous.

– WELP. Turns out that look was for good reason… y’all as I am typing this Claudia is reading THE FAWK out of NeNe and I am HERE. FOR. IT.  THIS, ma’am, is a READ.

^^ I couldn’t help myself.

“When you were my age, you had edges.” BISH YOU BETTER GO INNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

“Spell bridesmaids.” <— I’m losing my ish over here, guys.

“It’s like Ramen noodles that’s uncooked on her head.” <— Claudia. I love you, okay?

– She just may be my new favorite housewife.


– She’s looking for an assistant…….with…..for…..?????


– Her many faces as Claudia was reading NeNe. That is all.


– She better sing! In fact, click here to hear her cover “I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston! She really has a voice!

– God bless her heart. She’s totally blind when it comes to Roger. SMH 8 years. EIGHT. YEARS. And she said she’s giving him a chance to make sure that’s what he wants (or something like that)? GIRL.

– She said Roger Bobb is the one who is taking her on these trips…but….no, he isn’t cause…he’s not there.

– “She’s so late and old and dry” – Demetria’s stylist on Phaedra.  WELP! Ha ha ha!

– Addressing this Phaedra shade head on. YES MA’AM. I agree this probably wasn’t the time or the place, but Phaedra was begging for her to do it. Demetria simply couldn’t take it anymore. I understand. *shrugs*

– If I was Demetria I would send these ungrateful hoes packing IMMEDIATELY. I’m serious. This is so rude and I’m so irritated because WHO DOES THIS to someone who has paid for your trip?

– “Boom. I’m YOUNGER than you.” – Demetria to Phaedra. YASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

“All we have in common is the number 8.  Yours is going, mine has been here for 8.” <———— BISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BETTER GO INNNNN DEMETRIA! Y’all I LITERALLY hollered. OMG. I don’t feel bad for Phaedra AT ALL. She’s been acting so rude to Demetria. She has some nerve.


– LOVE Cynthia’s shirt! This big bow! YASSSS!!!!

– I love how she was internally cheering when Claudia was going in on NeNe. She kept it classy on the outside tho.


– So ungrateful with this hotel room. I can’t even.

– What I am seeing right now is the demise of NeNe and ANY maturity that I THOUGHT was left in her. Do y’all understand how pathetic this is? Her behavior at this table is as if she was closer in age to a 6 than to 60. I’m so done with her. My goodness she’s changed. For the absolute WORST.

– LOL at NeNe not being able to keep up with Claudia so calling her a half-breed. SMH Ole washed up, filled up, blown up tramp. Ugh. I can’t stand her.


– She’s like me.  Totally not understanding this 8 year relationship without some indication that it’s headed toward marriage.

– All of this shade….


– At the airport….as usual….doing too much

Hey guys.  Just a question.  Can we leave invisible boyfriends in 2014?


K. Thanks!

RHOA: “50 Shades of Shade” (S:7, E:9)

Once again, I’m weeks behind (this is from January 4th) so this will be brief!


– Soooo Todd is involved in Kandi Coated Nights as well?

– Juuuuust want her to wear clothes that fit.

– I don’t agree with Kandi blindsiding these women with this “bondage game.” No. If they want to be close to each other, then they will.  This is so stupid. I hate it.

– However, I appreciate the concept of this party. I think more women, especially married women, need to get together and have open and honest conversations about sex. There’s a lot we don’t know!


– I see Cynthia is about to lose more money on Peter, huh? Guys, this “spot” is atrocious. But she says she’s a visionary so…eh.

-Peter is TERRIBLE at owning a business and making it a success. This is like, the 3rd or 4th spot for Bar One (or whatever the name of his bars have been), huh?

– EH. I don’t know if this business partner thing is gonna work with them.

– PLEASEEEEEEE leave NeNe ALLLLLLL the way alone, everybody. Please. Like, for forever? ESPECIALLY Cynthia. NeNe has publicly embarrassed her multiple times and continues to go back and forth in terms of their “friendship.” No ma’am. Leave her alone, Cynthia.


– Her manager texted her to call him?

– She said playing the wicked step-mom in Cinderella is going to be a stretch for her because she isn’t mean.

OH. NENE. GIRL. You will be JUST fine. Trust me. In fact, you probably won’t even need to learn a script.  You can improvise and all will be well.  That mean runs deep in you, Sis.

– I am SO sick of NeNe, guys. Kenya tried to give her a hug and she totally shaded her. And in THE most immature ways possible. But I thought at that little lunch…. chile. I cannot.  NeNe would have one, and I do mean ONE, time to do that to me.  She’d NEVER get the opportunity to do so again. Just wow. How rude and childish.

– Nobody is asking you to be fake (you have that down pat tho). They are only asking you to be cordial. Ugh. The nerve.

– NeNe is bipolar and rude AF and nobody should be her friend.


– I like that when she feels a certain way (at this party with NeNe), she walks right on up and handles it then. And she isn’t catty about it, either.  She could’ve confronted NeNe, but she pulled her to the side instead.

– OMG NeNe blatantly told her that she shaded her because of who she is associated with. IS THIS MIDDLE SCHOOL!?


– She is trying to kill people who come close to the gate! LOL

– “No one respects me for some reason.” <— Apollo. REALLY?

– Sorry, Apollo. But when you aren’t coming home, and aren’t contributing financially, and have threatened divorce and are about to go to jail, you kinda don’t have a say in this one. *shrugs*


– The relationship she has with her aunt is great.

– Love the white blazer/cape she has on.


– “I dated him too.” <— OOP!!!!!!!! (did y’all see NeNe’s face when she (Gosha?) said that? LOL)

– She’s constantly repeating everything ole girl is saying. TRAGIC!

– She thinks Gosha is lying? HA HA HA HA! GIRL! Your man wasn’t claiming you for all of those 7.5-8 years! GET A CLUE!!!!! WAKE UP!