Christian women, no, it is NOT okay to shame Meagan Good because of her nudes.

In case you aren’t aware of what’s going on, let me try to catch you up.

1. Celebrities’ nude photographs have been hacked, stolen, and shared on the internet.

2. Meagan Good has been the latest to be hacked.

3. Meagan Good is married to a Christian preacher.

Got it?  Now, here’s a response from Meagan:

Here are a few (there’s many more) of the comments (and responses from Meagan):Embedded image permalink


This is a woman who is sharing nude photographs WITH HER HUSBAND.  Her account was HACKED, pictures STOLEN, and y’all are judging HER? Really?

However, this is just a reflection on what I think is a very unfortunate circumstance of Christian women who are married.  For some reason, Christian women (SOME of them) find something wrong with exploring their sexuality with their husbands.  It’s like, “Yes, have sex with your husband…but NOOOOOOBODY should know that that’s what you’re doing.  And don’t get too nasty with it, either.” And I mean, WHAT?

Well. I’ll tell you what. You can go ahead and judge this Christian woman RIGHT NOW because if I get married IT’S. GOING. DOWN. I have soooooo many plans for my husband. And yup. It involves sex. And nudes. All of that. So. Many. Plans. Judge me.

I basically posted the following on Twitter, but here it is again…

That woman was being naked and enjoying intimacy and sexuality with her HUSBAND. And y’all judge her? Like, BYE. For real. The super Christian saints are acting like there should be some sort of shame for exploring your sexuality with your husband. Your poor men!

I’m of the belief that God is pleased when married couples are pleasing each other…. and yes, that means SEXUALLY as well. Y’all better read.

One day, I think Imma do a study on sexually repressed married Christian women. I bet there’s a lot there. It doesn’t have to be this way, my fellow Christian sisters! Let that go! Explore! Have fun with your sexuality!

So yeah. Shame on y’all for coming at Meagan Good like this.

But you know what’s even more interesting to me?  When Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes were leaked, she was protected. Basically put on a pedestal.  There was an outcry to find those who hacked her. But THE SAME THING happens to Meagan Good, and she’s shamed?


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