Cleveland police demand apology after Browns player protests the shooting OF A 12 YEAR OLD BOY.

Cleveland Browns’ Andrew Hawkins protested against the murders (by cops) of John Crawford and Tamir Rice yesterday (12/14/14).

And JUST when I thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous and ignorant, I come across something like this:

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins became the latest player to join on-field protests against recent police shootings of black men on Sunday, when he walked onto the field with a t-shirt that read “Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford” over his jersey.

Now, the Cleveland police union is demanding an apology from Hawkins and the Browns, saying that players like Hawkins don’t understand the law enough to take a stand.

“It’s pretty pathetic when athletes think they know the law,” Jeff Follman, the president of the Police Patrolman Union in Cleveland, said in a statement to Cleveland news station newsnet5. “They should stick to what they know best on the field. The Cleveland Police protect and serve the Browns stadium and the Browns organization owes us an apology.”

“He’s an athlete. He’s someone with no facts of the case whatsoever,” Follmer said later,according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “He’s disrespecting the police on a job that we had to do and make a split-second decision.”


I’m sorry, but what? Because he plays football, he can’t focus on other issues as well? He should JUST be a football player? That’s ALL he gets to speak on? And what do you mean it’s pathetic when athletes “think they know the law”???? It doesn’t take a genius to decipher what happened on the tape. It doesn’t take a high level of critical thinking to see that the cops murdered 12 year old Tamir Rice.

And saying that they “had” to make a split-second decision? That is an absolute lie.  That cop CHOSE to kill Tamir in under 2 seconds. CHOSE. There were MANY ways to handle that situation. One of which was to park further away and get on the speaker and tell Tamir to put his hands in the air (if they really felt like he had a gun).  PLEASE miss me with this.

The Cleveland Browns have responded:

“We have great respect for the Cleveland Police Department and the work that they do to protect and serve our city. We also respect our players’ rights to project their support and bring awareness to issues that are important to them if done so in a responsible manner.”


Oh they are SO MAD that they can’t silence us. SO MAD.  Get used to it, EVERYBODY.

An apology!?


Nah. Not happening, Bruh.

Deal with it.

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