Dwyane Wade Basically Admits Cheating (which we ALLLL knew already)

 So on Wednesdays people do this WCW business, which stands for “Woman Crush Wednesdays” (in case you didn’t know).  So people go on social media and basically post pictures of women who they lust over. Well, Dwyane Wade (is it me or is “Dwyane” spelled in a weird way???) decided to get in on the fun.  This is what he posted on Instagram.


Let’s break this down. “My life mistakes gave me you.”  You mean….cheating on YOUR WIFE?  Cause….

“My life mistakes almost made me lose you.”  You mean cheating ON the woman you were cheating WITH while you were married (HELLO, GABRIELLE!?!?!?!?!)? And…doing so unprotected?


Some silly women are all on social media talking about how this must be true love cause he was man enough to admit his mistakes and blah blah blah.  Girl. Anyway, not everybody thought it was so cute…

Instagram comments:

“As long as your happy Wade. I personally think you can do better”

“So this is how you keep the main?”

“Is she your son’s mom?”

 Annnnnnd Twitter:








Yeah.  So, I mean.  Good luck, Gabby.  Long as you’re happy, girl.

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