I was asked why I haven’t written about *cue dramatic music* Ebola.

And it’s really because I believe we have all been inundated with the “DO NOT PANIC” and the “IT’S SOOOOOOO HARD TO CATCH” and the “THE ONLYYYYY WAY TO GET IT IS IF YOU LICK THE BODILY FLUIDS OF AN INFECTED PERSON SO CHILLLLL” messages.  I mean, it’s a daily thing.  Didn’t really think this would get any clicks, but…we shall see.

Before you read on, let me go ahead and possibly save you some time so you can see where I am coming from.

I, personally, don’t believe the CDC.  I believe they are lying to us.  I believe they don’t really have any idea what they are dealing with, here. I believe they are sending the wrong message by ONLY talking about getting infected through direct contact with bodily fluids, when, on their own website, they acknowledge that the virus can live up to 3 hours on surfaces!!!??? I mean….

However, the information the media IS giving us is actually irritating me:

You know what is ticking me off? The media being irresponsible in their reporting when it comes to Ebola.

I just saw a tweet from FOX in LA that said, “LAX Officials Investigating Possible Ebola Case On United Flight From JFK.”

Then it was, “Officials say there is “no reason to believe” the patient has been exposed to Ebola.”

So then why even post something like that in the first place?

And I don’t understand why we keep being told about people being admitted into hospitals with “possible Ebola symptoms.” I mean, for what? Why not just do the test, and let us know if it’s positive? SMH

This was a status I put up on my Facebook page.  And then I was reminded of “yellow journalism.” WELP. There it is.

As you all are aware of by now (I’m sure), a second healthcare worker has now been infected with the Ebola virus, after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan.  And yes, it is true that healthcare workers are going to be at a higher risk for catching the virus, but still, to say that it is “hard” to catch is extremely misleading.  The fact that these workers had on masks and protective gear and STILL managed to get Ebola (further) lets me know that the CDC is out here hoping that we don’t wake up.

And OF COURSE they (CDC) are blaming a “breach in protocol” on the part of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Of course.


Could it be that they (the hospital/healthcare workers) were operating with the safety precautions based on the information they were given by the CDC?  And it just turns out that THE CDC DOESN’T REALLY KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!?


The question was posed on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC this morning if it’s fair to blame the hospital? Shouldn’t some of the blame be put on the CDC who, in their effort to not cause “panic,” is quite possibly withholding crucial information about this strain of Ebola?

I’m sure you know my answer.

So let me say this.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  But I’m also not stupid. I’ve seen some pieces saying that the CDC is going to have to admit, at some point, that this strain of Ebola is “airborne.” And that (imo), technically, is not true. I think we need a good definition for what airborne really is because if that were the case then basically everybody would have it in Dallas right now. But. I DO think that there’s more ways to catch this thing than what we’re being told.

There is a reason that doctor’s are giving the CDC the side-eye with this, guys. It’s because it simply doesn’t make sense.

At the end of the day, salute to our nurses.  They are the ones who are on the “front line” with this.  They are the ones who will have the most contact with a patient with Ebola and are most definitely putting themselves at risk to contracting the virus themselves.  They are LITERALLY putting their lives on the line.

Prayers and power to you health care workers, and…THANK YOU.

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