A fan (maybe not anymore tho) asks Chris Brown a GREAT question. He responds.

As you probably know by now, Chris Brown put on Instagram last night the his “Between The Sheets” tour with Tyga and Trey Songz has been cancelled postponed.

Basically, the judge didn’t sign off on his tour dates because people aren’t paying to go anyway he hasn’t done what he needs to do as far as completing his community service hours.

This woman asked the same question I have been.

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FIRST of all, his priorities? Out of order.

Next, this is NO WAY to talk to a fan. I mean really? REALLY?

Finally, I am all for second, third, fourth, etc. chances when it comes to mental health issues (which he has) and addiction issues (which he has as well). But dammit I’m running low on Chris Brown.

He isn’t taking care of his legal issues.

He isn’t taking care of his emotional issues (ex: his blowup at Kaleidoscope over social media).

He’s petty.

He’s disrespectful.

And he just isn’t smart.

I really don’t understand why y’all are giving him your coins, to be honest.  I mean, even if it’s just for entertainment purposes…




what has he really done for us lately?

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