George Zimmerman Fight Back On With New Promoter?

So about this George Zimmerman fight.  Yeah.  Seems like it’s back on.

TMZ reports:

George Zimmerman’s celebrity boxing match — abruptly cancelled when the promoter pulled the plug yesterday — is back on again … promising to be a much bloodier event … according to a promoter who claims to have taken over the fight.

An online streaming service called says it secured the rights to a Zimmerman fight … after the original promoter, Damon Feldman pulled out because of threats made against his kids.

FilmOn says it’s gonna give the public what it wants — blood — and tells us DMX is out as the challenger because “much bigger names than DMX” want in.

The owner of FilmOn, Alki David, tells TMZ … the fight will no longer be a celebrity boxing match… “this is going to be like Fight Club … a very bloody event.”  Alki says the fight will happen March 15 from a secret location … and all profits will go to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

But TMZ has learned the resurrected fight is not yet a done deal — we’re told FilmOn is still negotiating with Feldman for the rights and nothing has been signed.

Feldman received threats including one tweet that read (TMZ), “Somebody should kill Damon Feldman’s son and ask him would he put his son’s killer in a celebrity boxing match.”  That’s a tough way of putting it but…that’s EXACTLY what happened here.  Talk about giving someone some perspective.

Do y’all know the most disgusting part of this new venture is?  Them saying that all proceeds will go to Trayvon’s foundation.  Like it’s some type of favor.  Like WHAT? You are giving my son’s MURDERER even MORE fame (in a VIOLENT and BLOODY fight)…and you’re gonna ease your conscience and try to make it “okay” by donating to my DEAD son’s foundation? Nah, bruh.  You can keep all of that.  And have ALL of the seats while your at it.

Ugh.  The nerve.


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