Jameis Winston has been accused of point shaving.

So I see Jameis Winston’s name is out here bad again, huh? SMH

TMZ reports:

New reports have surfaced alleging Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was involved in a point shaving scheme to help an old high school teammate win a $5,000 bet.

According to the report, Winston tanked the 1st half of the FSU vs. Louisville game on October 30th … after his buddy Chris Rabb allegedly placed a bet for Louisville to be winning at halftime.

Winston’s play in the 1st half was atrocious … and FSU was down 21-7.

FSU eventually came back and won the game — but according to the report, the final score had no bearing on Rabb’s bet.

FYI — point shaving is illegal and punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

So far, it’s unclear if law enforcement is investigating — but we’re working to find out if that’s the case.

I really want to believe that he wouldn’t be quite this dumb. I mean, I know he’s made some (very) dumb decisions as of late, but, I really want to believe that he’s LEARNING from said decisions and not continuing to make bad ones.

Oh but wait. Here’s a comment I just read:

One thing you left out TMZ. The Bookie that’s accusing Winston of this is a proven liar who has put out fake reports to move betting lines. Winston gets accused of something new every week. Yes he’s an immature dumbass but please report all the facts before you make allegations.

More (via Fox Sports):

A gambling website has alleged that Jameis Winston shaved points in the first half of the Louisville game. The website alleges that Winston and a former high school teammate conspired to wager $5500 to win $5000 on a first half line of Louisville +1. The Seminoles trailed 21-7 at the half, winning Winston’s high school teammate his wager.

According to the website it was the biggest bet that Winston’s teammate had ever placed with the bookie.

Quoth the website:

“Bookie meets with Chris Rabb morning before Louisville / Fla St game and receives $5,500 from Mr Rabb with instructions to bet Louisville +1 (1st Half) -110 to win back $5,000. Bet was placed and Louisville won 1st Half vs Fla St (21-7). Mr Rabb is now suppose to receive $5,000 for winning bet + his $5,500 initial bet (square up day is Tuesday)

Bookie gets information late Sunday night that he’s been “Played for a fool” as Mr Rabb and Jameis Winston are former teammates and conspired together on the above mentioned first half wager. Bookie wants no part of paying the debt. (i think he should pay he took the bet he knows the risk… just my opinion)

Bookie is claiming he has betting screenshots of the bet and proof it’s Mr Rabb’s account (look below for all bets placed last week) 

Now does this mean we have a scandal on our hands? Does this mean Jameis Winston is gambling (crazier things have happened)?

This certainly all could be a coincidence that a former HS teammate and close family friend (Chris Rabb) made his biggest bet ever ($5,500) on game where his friend (Jameis) had probably his worst half ever in college… it’s all just a coincidence right?”

And this…..

*Update* As of 9:45 AM est.. IBN attempted to reach out to Chris Rabb via phone and someone did answer the cell phone, we asked if he had any comment on “alleged” gambling rumors that involved him and his former high school teammate Jameis Winston, his answer was brief “Fuck boy how did you get my number?.. mind your business boy” that’s when the phone hung up.”

Whew. This is…interesting.

I guess we shall see how it all plays out, huh?

What I DO know is that this isn’t a good look for Jameis. His name is all out there for all the wrong reasons. Yeah, he’s a good quarterback, but I mean if everything else is lacking (particularly decision making)….

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