Rumor Control: Is Kylie Jenner releasing a song?

This happened a few days ago…

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I don’t know…it literally just started to pop up everywhere.

And it kind of threw people off. One of the best reactions…


Hello? God? 2015 been a good year for hip hop so far… Lupe dropped what I think might be the album of his career… Action Bronson delivered a fiery hot backwards cartwheel into a triple forward flip dropkick to the throat of every wack rapper on earth on his first major label LP… Big Sean made a slightly less mediocre album than his other 2… Drake decided to stop pretendin he can sing forreal n rapped for damn near 85% of his non-free mixtape/contractual obligation to Lil Wayne’s ex-daddy n came wit his least soy baby friendly collection of tracks to date… Then theres Kendrick of course…a cat who went outta his way to challenge his own fans to stop fuckin wit him n gave his critics more ammo than ever to call him out on his own self proclaimed hypocritical faux-black militancy n the dashiki space jazz sounds on his least accessible project ever n STILL managed to win both em over n break a whole lot of records along the way… AND we got whats lookin like a Kanye comeback on deck too n shit (Not gon debate why I dont think Yeezus is the center of the universe wit yall stans tho). But its Kanye’s own possum embryo faced future step brother in law n his teenage fiancé thats tryna contaminate a dope year (that already allowed his joint Kris Kross tribute wit Chris Brown to slip thru the cracks n do Diggy Simmons numbers) witta Iggy collabo… Which is like makin turducken usin a pigeon..a albino platypus n a fuckboy. Yall gotta responsibility to yaself n ya kids to trash this shit without even hearin it first to make sure wack ass bullshit like this gon never flourish ever. I rather stab myself in the ears witta broken bottle than give this garbage “a fair chance” b. Fuck any type of diplomatic shit. I aint tryna hear #KylieJenner rap in the first place yo. Yall disrespectin hip hop n this shit not gon be tolerated in 2015. Fuck anybody that had anything to do wit this freak show… I see you Yakub (T.I.) n Satan (Kris Jenner).. Aight peace. #fucktyga

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HA HA HA HA HA!!! Yeahhh that was basically the internet’s reaction…

Well, then this happened last night:

*praising hands emoji*

And that guy up top is pretty happy about it..

This happened too:

Yes. It looks like 2015 is going to be okay.

For now.

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