LHHATL: “Blast From The Past” S:3, E:15 (review)

Karlie Redd

-“She can’t even fit her clothes!” – LOL

-Joc told her she has been diagnosed with THOTism. idied.

-SMH this is ridiculous. This scene in the club? No. Like, what’s the point?

– “Althea needs to be wearing black to her wedding because that coochie dead.” <— BYE, KARLIE!!!!!!!!!! LOL!


– I think it’s great that Deb is taking the time to try and be a mother figure to Mimi. She needs it.

– Stevie damaged Mimi for real. And she hasn’t gotten over it at all. ┬áHer moving from man to man trying to “feel better” is only making her sink deeper in a dark hole. She’s gotta get help for all of that. She MUST heal.

– Mimi looks absolutely….tired. Just worn out and down.

– Girl WHAT!?!? Nikko is MARRIED!?!?!?! MIMI. GIRL. WTH!? I’m…..WHEW! And from the preview for next week he’s talking about, “but I’m publicly with you.” OH. BISH.


– I think Althea sang this whole song in two notes. It’s cute though.

– Now EYE would never sign a pre-nup, however, I understand Benzino asking for one. However, in the club? O_o And it’s NEVER okay to start a sentence off with “Well Kirk said…” NOPE.

– Two weeks?



– Her mom’s been married 5 times? K.

– This walk she has in these dresses. LOL


– He’s acting like Karlie is wrong for being upset (forgetting that she’s silly for getting involved with him in the first place)…like he’s been this model boyfriend and Karlie is tripping. I can’t.

Stevie J

– I still don’t understand all of these meetings. Why can’t they handle this over the phone or something? Anyway, Stevie is telling Mimi nothing but the truth about NoNo.

– Did Stevie start whistling “Star Spangled Banner” when Mimi walked out? LOL


– It’s cool that they recognize that she and Scrappy recognize that they are good friends but horrible as a couple.

– Imani is like a grown woman. When did this happen?


– All I want is for her to change her look in these clips. This side ponytail and black lips with the leopard shirt is bout to kill me.

Mama Dee

– Scrappy’s face when she said she’s writing her new hit single!!!! LMAOOOO! But um yeah. I had to rewind juuuuust to make sure I heard her correctly (and to see his face again).

– Why does she talk as if she’s using a million commas?

– HOLD UP! DID SHE COME FOR BEYONCE!? Ha ha. Just kidding. ┬áThere’s no need for me to even get even the slightest bit upset over that.

– THIS SINGING. Y’all. I didn’t make it. LOL. I legit paused it. Cause I can’t take her seriously and cause Scrappy looking at her over his glasses is bout to kill me. iHollered.

– “Of course Imma make that call cause *she deservessss to be loooooved*” SCRAPPY’S FACE LOOKS LIKE HE’S DISGUSTED.

– “I know I’ve been hopping, from here to there, with Scrappy’s b******”….. LMAO!!!!! Ma’am.

– Mama Dee almost made me cry when she was talking to Erica. That was sweet.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode!! Looks like it’s about to go ALL the way down! Whew!

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