Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Super Trailer

For your viewing pleasure:

So. A few quick thoughts.

1. Kirk is still out here being out of line, huh? Seriously, Rasheeda. Leave this HAN alone.  Home DNA tests? Moving random women in? Seriously.

2. Joseline. And Stevie. I can’t. Like….what could a man POSSIBLY do to make up for what happened last season?

3. Mimi is still dumb AF.  Sex tapes? With a man who ISN’T your husband?  Who has already proven to be petty? And you have a child? No ma’am. (Updated: 4/14/2014 we know how this turns out now —-> Mimi DID Sell Her Sex Tape)

4. Scrappy….LOL. I…don’t know.

5. Karlie Redd. I really need to know her age, bruh.

Everything else is foolery.

And I look forward to getting ALL of my ratchet life Monday, May 5th, at 7pm. Yes.

UPDATED: April 14, 2014 12:05pm

I had to come back to update cause:


Welp.  That about sums it all up there.

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  1. […] that she doesn’t even realize the camera is there (click to see the trailer —> LHHATL Super Trailer). Lies, girl.  Lies.  How do you not realize that there is a man on top of you, and one of his […]