Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, and Beyonce perform “Say Yes” at 2015 Stellar Awards {Video}

I’ve loved this song since the first time I listened to it. The beat is infectious, and while the message is simple, it’s POWERFUL.

“When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no!!!”

Whew! When Jesus has something for you, NOBODY can do a thing about it!

Michelle Willams, Kelly Rowland, and Beyonce performed their song at the 2015 Stellar Awards:

This is now one of my favorite live performances of them. Again, I’m biased cause of my love for the song, but it was an amazing performance (in my opinion). They look good and they SOUND good! Yes, ladies!!!

Now, y’all know how I feel about Bey so y’all know my eyes were glued on her. LOL. I’m glad she was in a venue where she could loosen up and offer up her praise instead of standing still on a block (Grammys). Get your praise on, Bey!

Ohhhh but when Michelle got to the end with, “When Jesus opens a door, it’s a door that no man close…” Y’all, the tears just came streaming down. It spoke to me on a personal level with a specific situation, but generally speaking….WHEW. Powerful.

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