Nick Cannon Speaks Out About Marriage Situation

And when I say “speaks out,” I, of course, mean on Twitter.

(Does he mean with just this specific situation? Cause he definitely put all their bedroom business out there in that interview…)

Sooooo there you go folks!

In case you were wondering….I guess this clears it all up, right?

Actually, it doesn’t. LOL

I’m thinking all he did was confirm that there are issues within their marriage.  Not sure what the purpose of this was. He said that Mariah was being talked about for being at fault, and I honestly have seen NOTHING of the such.  Everything I’ve seen cites her being fed up with him with doing things like TALKING ABOUT THE WOMEN HE’S SLEPT WITH WHILE DOING INTERVIEWS!?

Oh well. Again, I hate to see them split. I hope they can work it all out!

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