I am not praying for Donald Trump to succeed.

One of the messages I keep hearing people throw out to those who are against Donald Trump is that we should all come together and pray/root for his success. The thought process here is that if he fails, so does the country. Therefore, if he is successful, then our country will be too.


All of it.

Donald Trump’s success directly equals failure for a lot of people. I mean, health insurance…do I really need to say more? That is literally a life and death situation for a lot of people. Yes. I desire for him to fail.

One of the first pieces of legislation put forth by this incompetent, egotistical, and screwed up administration is H.R. 193.

Do y’all understand how dangerous this is? Everybody hates us anyway. Donald Trump’s success with H.R. 193 will more than likely create a war between the United States of America and….everybody, basically.

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Also, this sums it up as well:

I want President Trump to fail.This isn't partisan. It's not because he's a Republican and I'm not. It's not even…

Posted by Jonah Wolff on Friday, January 20, 2017

Again, Donald Trump’s success means A LOT of people lose. I have said that this man is going to get us all killed, and I am not joking when I say that. He is a danger to the United States of America. He is a danger to ALL of us, globally.

I mean, y’alls lil president LITERALLY has a national┬áhissy fit about tweets!

Also, the term “alternative facts” coming out of the White House should make you VERY nervous.

Now. Knowing God like I do, I know that He is a God who does God things. If we manage to make it though the next four years with our country still being somewhat of a country, it will be because the hand of God has ordained it to be so and has protected us from the evil and danger of Donald Trump and his administration.

I have NO hope and NO faith in Donald Trump. He has shown us where he stands. He is giving power to the white supremacist movement. This is what he has SHOWN us. Why people continue to have sit down talks with him (and say it was productive and he’s actually a cool guy…REALLY?), I will never understand. There is no point it sitting down and trying to talk to a man who has SHOWN you, over and over again, that he doesn’t care about you.

Some of you have tried to calm people like myself down with saying Donald Trump is more than likely going to get impeached. Um. You DO understand that means Pence would be president, huh? Have you read anything about this man? You DO understand that isn’t any better of a situation, right? That it’s probably worse?


I am not praying for Donald Trump’s success. I hope he fails, and I hope he fails miserably.

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