RHOA – “Dropping The Ball” – Recap


– WHEW! NeNe said she’s in transition with her hair…trying to figure out what she wants to do! THANK YA!  ANYTHING has got to be better than what it’s been! I’m like…

– I believe NeNe is lying about not hearing from Kenya. I believe Kenya really did try to invite her and NeNe is being petty.  Wow.  She just keeps getting worse and worse.
– Ok.  So NeNe came inside the event, WITH an attitude. Over it. And over HER.
– WOW.  Her “speech.”  How low class. WOW. Why even come?
– See?  This is her problem.  She thinks she’s bigger shyt than what she really is.  Ma’am.  You are doing NOTHING other than on this reality tv show.  All of your other projects are a DONE. DEAL.  Your time is NOT as “special” as you think it is.  Your words are not as “valuable” as you think.  You saying a few words would NOT have killed you.  She’s disgusting. How rude, childish, and embarrassing.
– “I knew nothing about this event.” Well guess what?  You’ve known about it now for at least 24 hours and your here so SHUT.UP. Ugh.
– So wait.  NeNe is acting brand new with Peter, too?  She takes responsibility for NOTHING. Wow.  What a pathetic old woman.
– NeNe said why was Peter in the conversation? Um…HE WASN’T.  He was having a conversation with his WIFE and YOU walked your bulldozer self over there with some “EXCUSE ME YOU TALMBOUT ME!?”
– “None of these bitches here are on the level that I’m on and I would not argue with any of them” <— ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?  Exactly what brand of drugs is she doing? Blue Magic? Cause she is TRIPPING.   And Cynthia is just gonna sit there and let NeNe say that mess.  Ma’am.  She’s talking about YOU too. Girl.

PAUSE. Just saw the clip for next week.  NeNe just said she felt bullied at the charity event.  I can’t.


– So if Kenya is 46 (that’s what she said the other week, right? Or something close to it), and they’re saying NeNe is “older”… O_o
– See?  When people go in to see Lawrence, he’s actually DOING something to hair.  That other one? Derek J or whatever? I can do what he does in my bathroom.
– Why does Kenya keep referring to this fundraising effort as “Nene’s favorite charity?” Why is she so hard up for NeNe’s friendship?
– WHY is she laying it on extra thick about NeNe at this event???
– I’m proud of Kenya for not saying something smart after what NeNe did.


– WHYYYYY is Kandi using Phaedra’s workout video??  Is that what she’s BEEN using?  No wonder why she’s been unsuccessful.
– Carmon and Kandi talk the same.
– WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. Mama Joyce?  BISH.  NOPE! Nope nope nope!  NOPE.  I’m sorry, but she would be cut off.  I’m serious.  She’s acting like a bitter hoodrat teenager.  Calling your DAUGHTER’S friend’s phone….OH WAIT… Soooo I just got to the part where Carmon is telling Kandi about Mama Joyce trying to set Todd up!?!?!?!

– “I hope that she wouldn’t go there.” <— KANDI! WAKE. UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Carmon is sitting here TELLING you that SHE. HAS. GONE. THERE.  Like, your mama made a plan!?  It’s time to do something!? You GOTTA deal with her!? WTH?
– Excuse me, did Kandi say that Porsha sent over a list of demands via her attorney? BYE.
– HOLD UP.  Did Kandi try to check Todd when he said he doesn’t have any respect for her mom? Like…WHAT!?  Ummm…this woman has been AWFUL to this man.  Has lied on him, and is now trying to PAY to set him up!?  And you trying to check…HIM!?  Kandi is trying to defend Mama Joyce?
– YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Todd!!!!! I. DON’T. BLAME. HIM. for telling Kandi that he’s gonna get sick of this shyt.
– “See, that’s the difference between a fiance and family. No matter how bad my mom gets at me, she’s NEVER gonna leave me…EVER.” DO YOU KNOW WHY THAT IS, KANDI!? It’s because that’s EXACTLY how she wants it.  Just you and her.  Are you kidding me right now!?!? Ugh.
– “I’d rather be the one to let my feelings get hurt before I let my mom be upset.”  You know what?  This makes sense.  If you have a close relationship with your mother, you get it.  But THIS mama?  THIS here mama is a PLUM. FOOL.  I’m not going to protect a fool, especially when she’s acting out like THIS.  NO. Kandi needs to grow up.
– Kandi says she’s torn. That she doesn’t think that her mom understands that she’s hurting her too.  Like…WHAT???  I’m seriously dumbfounded.  Therapy, Kandi.  Intense therapy. Oh.  And Todd just suggested it. LOL


– Phaedra is looking like me sitting down on the side while the girls skate. LOL


– I don’t blame Peter with this one.  I really don’t.


– “Even if I mess up the key, it’s gonna come from my heart.” <– No ma’am.
– Porsha can’t read?
– So.  Even though I wasn’t watching on Sunday, I saw someone (on Twitter) say, “Wow! Porsha can really sing?”  Um.  Wut. Kandi said she proved Don Juan wrong.  Am I the only one hearing this? She sang that in about three different keys?  And she was flat? And she did too much?  I mean, she can hold a note or whatever, but she’s gotta calm down.

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