Rihanna isn’t very happy with CBS.

On this bright and early Tuesday morning, Rihanna has a message for CBS:

See, Rihanna did a rendition of “Run This Town” for the game on Thursday, but given the controversy surrounding domestic violence, CBS decided to pull it. SMH.

When people figured out that this week’s Thursday night football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers would open with a song from Rihanna, they weren’t pleased, and the NFL gave in to them by agreeing not to play the song. But the reaction says more about how we unfairly treat victims of domestic abuse than it does about the NFL’s sensitivity to violence against women.

CBS Sports and NFL Network plan to open every Thursday night game this season with “Run This Town,” the 2009 collaboration between Jay Z and Rihanna. But, after an especiallycontentious week of controversy over former Ravens running back Ray Rice — who was dropped from the team after a surveillance video depicting him punching his then-fiancee was made public — it seemed like a bad PR move to include Rihanna, who was infamously the victim of domestic abuse in a former relationship with Chris Brown.

After considerable push back for partnering a Ravens game with a Rihanna song, the NFL Network decided to reconsider. “Run This Town” did not play on Thursday night; instead, CBSaired coverage of the domestic violence controversy surrounding Rice. “We thought… we needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage,” a spokesperson for the NFL Networksaid.

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Dear CBS,

This is what you’re doing…

Not including a song by Rihanna, because she was a VICTIM of domestic abuse?



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