Slim Thug is getting a “day” in Houston….

…and I’m embarrassed.

Yes, he is a Houston rapper who represents Houston to the fullest.  And I guess he does things around the city (I have no idea what).  But there is an appropriate time and place for everything.

According to KHOU:

HOUSTON – Viral videos of toddlers cursing and teenagers fighting are being billed as examples of the cycle of violence and “thuggery” being taught by rap music.

Some people are even saying that the word thug has become racially charged, and local rapper Slim Thug is now part of the debate.

“I’m sure that the reason I don’t get no day from the mayor is because my name is Slim Thug,” said Slim Thug.

That statement made by Slim Thug on CNN had fans of the 97.9 The Box’s Mad Hatta Morning Show pushing to have a day named after him.

“You know just show appreciation for somebody who’s constantly showing appreciation for their neighborhood from where they came from,” said 97.9 The Box radio personality J Mac.

DJ’s at 97.9 The Box said a “Slim Thug Day” would inspire others.

“And let them know and spread the word about to become an entrepreneur or get out the hood or get away from a thug life or whatever,” said Slim Thug.

The city of Houston has given a thumbs up for a “Slim Thug Day,” but the date has not been announced.

A “Slim Thug Day” would INSPIRE others? See. I can’t. Inspire others to do what?  Who is to blame for this?  Is it Mayor Parker? Has she taken a peek at his twitter timeline?  Has she seen how he talks about women?  Has she read his views on black women vs. white women? Has she seen where he openly says that if a woman comes around him and expects to do his drugs then she better be down to sleep with the whole crew?  Was there nobody else who deserves a day in Houston?


Slim Thug stated that he has done plenty of good deeds for his hometown, and because of his name he didn’t get any recognition from Houston’s mayor.

After the national debate, Mayor Annise Parker heard his voice and gave him his own day.

In recent years, Slim Thug has used his celebrity to help charities that feed the homeless and collect toys for underprivileged kids.

I can understand recognizing him for his work in the community (again, I’m not sure about all he’s involved in so I can’t speak to that), but…this?

I guess it’s not that big of a deal.  Nothing that’s gonna keep me up at night or whatever.  But dude said, on CNN, that “thug” means being an entrepreneur.  He said that! For real! No.  It doesn’t.  Don’t do this.

Anyway, I’ll probably forget about this as soon as I post it.  It’s gonna be on February 25th. I’m not gonna get any time off of work so it doesn’t really mean much to me.  It’s just very….interesting.  I don’t know.  Maybe something good will come out of it. Maybe kids will be inspired to….

I don’t know.  I tried.

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