T.D. Jakes states men who have sex without being in a relationship are the same as rapists. He is a liar.

I am appalled and infuriated.


I am 100% okay with someone telling me this is some amazing photoshop or something because I cannot believe this type of ignorance would spew out of something T.D. Jakes wrote.

“A woman may have given her body to such a man, but she did so with certain expectation.”

This right here? This is 100% her fault.

Having sex with a man with the expectation of a relationship is foolish and almost always ends up getting your feelings hurt.

If you only want to have sex with a man who you are in a relationship with, then guess what you should do? ONLY HAVE SEX WITH A MAN AFTER YOU’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM.

I cannot believe T.D. Jakes had the audacity to say this is the same as physical rape. Rape, in and of itself, is FORCED sex, without consent. CONSENT. If a woman consensually has sex with a man she is not in a relationship with, expecting said relationship, and it doesn’t happen… then OH WELL. That is HER fault for having stupid expectations.


Shame on T. D. Jakes.

And again, I’m MORE than ready for someone to let me know that this is all wrong and he never published this trash.

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