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My Thoughts On “Being Mary Jane”


I don’t watch this show, but my timeline was going crazy about it the other night so I decided to give it a try.  My initial thoughts….it really wasn’t that bad.  I mean, it’s not gonna be a hit or anything, but it also wasn’t terrible. Following are some additional comments I have.


-The scene where the wife comes into MJ’s office? NOPE!  Not happening.  Period.  At my JOB? No ma’am.  BYE BISH! Another thing I am confused about, from what I understanding, MJ didn’t know dude was married, right? So why not just say that? Either way, that conversation wouldn’t have ever happened.  I don’t even understand why this happens in real life.  Why are you confronting the other woman? For what? She doesn’t owe you a thing.  She’s wrong (in this case she wasn’t initially), but so what? How about you deal with your man?  You know, the one who has a commitment to you?  I really want women to stop it.  Oh.  And those questions about the sex? NOPE. Out of line.  Not happening.  She would’ve been up outta my office when ole dude brought her to my front door tho.  But that’s just me.

– The scene where MJ got mad at the man (I don’t know names yet) because he was having casual sex with another woman at the same time he was having sex with her?  Soooo she was mad at a single man for acting… single? Girl please.  My rule?  If you do not have an agreed upon understanding with a man that y’all are in a committed relationship?  Then it would behoove you to assume that he’s (1) dating other women and (2) sleeping with other women.  Now.  He may or may not be.  But until you KNOW?  Until you have had a conversation with him about it? Yeah.  Go ahead and make that assumption.  Anything you CHOOSE to do with that man just know…..

– The gym scene.  *sigh* OOOOOKKKKKK.  So yeah.  I get it.  I do.  Now, just chill for a second.  No, I don’t think it’s okay, EVER, to have a relationship with a man who is married.  And that includes a man who is separated or “going though” a divorce.  Nope. Not okay. But in THIS case, MJ wasn’t aware at first.  And she resisted him. Over and over.  But at THAT moment, she was vulnerable.  Like, extremely vulnerable.  Most of us know what that feels like. She just had two terrible encounters with men, a hard day at work, and was trying to let it go at the gym.  She tried, guys.  No, it’s not okay.  Yes, she should’ve resisted. But.  I get it.  She still wasn’t over it.  She was into him, and even though he’s despicable, a piece of her still isn’t over him.  It was a bad decision, nonetheless.  Unprotected (or any kind of) sex with a married man? Not a good look.

Finally, let me just say this.  I see a lot of people take shows like Being Mary Jane and Scandal, and whatever else to remind women that the behavior is not okay.  Listen, guys.  If women were to be so gullible as to let a tv show convince them that sleeping with married men is okay, then there was something already wrong with their morals.  Like, they were questionable, at best, prior to either of these shows being aired.  Real women are able to decipher between fiction and real life.  Yeah, on Thursday evenings my moral compass is in the pits for a couple of hours, cheering on Olivia to move into that beautiful house, but…I’m also WELL aware that it’s fiction.  My morals, and most of all my faith, is much greater that the entertainment I get from these shows a couple of hours a week.  I think that may be the case for a lot of us.