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“Flesh and Blood” – Scandal (Review)

Scandal just…ugh…nevermind. Here we go.

1. “You mean sacrifice SLEEPING WITH ME so you could hack into my phone!?” <— DAMN (I literally just said that out loud)!!!! WHEW! Jake!!!! WHEW!!! OH WAIT! The entire office heard that!? “All it took was a quick tug on a zipper.”  WELP!  That was read number one for Liv on this episode. MY WORD!

2. Did they just try to make Quinn sexy?


3. “You think he’s your dad, but that’s just a part he’s playing, a costume he puts on.”  Welp. Jake -2 , Liv – 0 It’s not even 10 minutes into the show yet!?

4. Mellie is FED. UP. do you hear me!? FED UP! HAAAAA!!!!!!  Oh wait.  She’s….drunk?

5. Mama Pope is a G.  She totally just interrupted a terrorist during his “America will bleed” speech.

6. “I miss you.  I don’t want you sleeping with Jake it makes me crazy.”  Excuse me a second, guys:

WHEW! He is soooo funny! BYE, FITZ!

7. LOOK AT HUCK!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! While Quinn and dude are out here playing games Huck was handling business.

8. OMG! Is this the president’s son this chick is…whew!

9. OHHHH SHAT! It’s about to come out.

10. “IT IS MY TURN! He suffers.  He burns.  He hurts.”  Hell hath no fury, y’all.  Hell hath no fury.

11.  Welp. Mellie just told it.

12. You know what? Liv is delusional.  Her dad is a monster.  One of satan’s (Mama Pope)  minions. So why is she all emotional and such over him blowing someone’s brains out in her office? I mean, come on, Liv.  This is what you invited in. SMH

13. So Jerry really is Fitz’s brother. Whew!

14. Wait. I thought Jake was done with Liv? So why is he picking up the phone? I can’t.

15. “When I was a little girl…”

If I was Jake I would’ve been like “NOAP! BYE!”

16. Why is Liv even talking to her dad about this? What does she expect?

17. Seriously. This Quinn and Huck thing makes me want to throw up. This is sick.  And not in a good way.

18. Oh. So I guess Mama Pope cares (or something) about Liv?

19. OMG!!!!!!! Daddy Pope!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? (nevermind to number 18)

20. Look at Cyrus not telling anybody about the bomb. Bruh. Cyrus is walking down these hallways SMILING.  That is so sick.

WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S OVER!?!?! But…but….NO.  Ugh.  I can’t believe this.  It’s over?  Wait. Was that Andrew in the church!? LAWD IS ANDREW GONNA DIE!? Daddy Pope!?  Did Mellie find out?  Is she gonna tell Fitz?



Has “Scandal” Lost Its Way?

The article, “Has Scandal Lost Its Plot?” came across my Facebook feed and, of course, I clicked on it. I believe the author makes some very interesting, and valid, points.

Everyone seems to be resting on their laurels. The long-winded rants from Rowan Pope, played by powerhouse actor Joe Morton, used to add a stark exclamation point to the dialogue, but they’ve lost their effectiveness now that he’s giving four-page soliloquys every time he’s onscreen. Some fans obsessively encouraged a romantic relationship between Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes), which, now that it’s happened, has taken a turn for the disgusting, routinely walking the line between torturous and flat-out abusive. A well-liked character has been killed off, and Harrison (Columbus Short), who has long been promised an interesting backstory, has been reduced to a walking penis, his main contribution this season being well-timed sex with the new baddie and former rival, Adnan Salif (Nazanin Boniadi).

Daddy Pope’s long winded rants? YES. Yes yes yes.  It’s starting to get to be a bit much. And…he talks really fast.  The Huck and Quinn thing is awful. But that’s just because I would like for her TO JUST DIE ALREADY. And I completely agree about Harrison.  His backstory really isn’t a story at all. I mean, basically, he can’t stop having sex with this chick. That’s it. *shrugs*

Having never been a fan of the Fitz and Olivia relationship, I find their exchanges to be the most grueling of all. Shouldn’t an affair be more fun? They’ve fallen into a cycle of unabashed screaming quickly followed by tense passion that makes me think of domestic abuse more often than it does romance.

I’m totally over the back and fourth.  They breakup to makeup every. single. episode. (or at least it seems like it), and it’s just….a bit much.  That’s the only way I can describe it.

The good news is that the show has marvelous writers, and there’s still a chance to recover some of that former magic. The three things Scandal can do to bring the show back around:

1. Bring back the crime of the week

What happened to the philandering senators? The babies being traded by the Russian mob? The gladiators seem bored, and they need something to do that isn’t related to the White House or B613.

2. Make Quinn stay with B613

I think it would be difficult to bring her back to the fold at Pope and Associates (unless they’re playing the long con and her infiltration of B613 is part of the plan), but her anger would be well utilized against her former coworkers.

3. Let Olivia and Fitz break up

No more jam in Vermont, no more screaming matches in the Oval Office. Olivia hasn’t been her generally fierce self since they got back together, and Fitz is the ultimate distraction. Break them up, and let’s get back to business.

1. My friend and I were JUST talking about this. This would probably be a good idea.  I mean, it really did keep us engaged.  That way, not sooooo much has to be explained, etc. about the lead cast, but yet enough attention could be given to keep us in tune to what’s going on with them.


3. I don’t know about this. I think the “I’m gonna stay away even though I really do love you” thing brings a certain something to the show, but it just doesn’t have to be the center of EVERYTHING on EVERY episode. What I AM happy about, though, is that Mellie FINALLY got a chance to get angry. That has probably been my favorite scene of this season.  Just for fun:

Either way, I’m still here for “Scandal.” It will continue to give me the chance to put aside my morals for about 2 hours once a week (cause I need at least an hour after it goes off to process).   It’ll be interesting to see where Shonda takes this for season 4 though.

“The Fluffer” – Scandal (review)

See. Scandal is gonna do one of two things.  It’s either gonna kill me by way of heart/panic attack or maybe extreme anxiety, or it’s gonna make me an alcoholic cause the number of bottles needed to successfully make it through a show without scenario one happening….

– ABBY!! This opening scene….YASSSS! To everything! Hair! Coat! The struggle to walk like Olivia Pope! Yas!

– Whew! Y’all remember those floppy disks!?

– Liv said he got her info from her father and Huck was like…

He was GONE.

– Um. Andrew. Sir. Talking to Mellie? In the middle of the hallway? Professing your love? Not right now. Just..not right now.

– This girl Jeannine? With this book? She’s gonna die.

– “What service am I billing you for today?” – Oh, Sis. SIS.

– Fitz told Liv she’s being petty. LMAO!!!

– Oh Quinn is gonna try it with Mama Pope? She’s definitely gonna die.

-This girl in the red dress. Claire, I think? This lisp. 

– Chile if they were trying to make this real they would’ve had Liv in a scarf with her hair wrapped in that bed. We don’t sleep like that.  And I blame tv for letting the mens think that we go to bed with our hair all out. We don’t. Liv is lying to you.

– Welp. I was wondering who was gonna read Liv this episode. Cyrus just did a light read. Girl you can’t sleep on the job cause your boyfriend yelled at you. Tuh.

– Um Fitz? But why does Andrew have to stop sleeping with your wife? I’m confused.

– Liv and this extra movement of the mouth. It’s getting worse. 🙁

– Why does everybody talk so damn fast on this show!? Even ole dude’s wife up in the clink.

– Huck basically told Liv to go hoe…like she normally does. OOP!

– WHEW! Mellie’s feet are ROUGH!!

– Why is Mellie acting shocked that Fitz threw those ties on the flo!?

– OH SHAT!!!!!!! MAMA POPE JUST DONE STROLLED UP IN THE RESTAURANT!?!? Y’all Liv looked like she was about to pass out at that table.

– Claire is dead. Ok.

– So Mama Pope is Satan. Ok.

– Olivia Pope is gonna end up needing electroconvulsive therapy for real. Next season they gotta show her going to get counseling cause…

– “YOU TAKE EVERYTHING FROM ME!!!!” – YASSSSSSSS MELLIE!!!!!!! I’m here for it. Y’all see the look on his face after that slap! Look. Mellie reached back to the start date of feminism and put the entire plight of women who have suffered from double standards behind that slap.  In fact. Let’s watch again, shall we?


OH WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!



Y’ALL! WTH!?!?!?!?


Listen. No words.

P.S. Quinn gotta die.

“Mama Said Knock You Out” – Scandal (review)

This was one of the BEST episodes of Scandal I’ve seen.  This is one of those episodes where I was sad that I was sober. And feared death by heart attack.

– Hm. Something ain’t right about these kids.

– Quinn isn’t fooling anybody.  She is going to die.

-Okay so EVERYBODY is going to die. Liv leaving tracks digging into B6-13.

– MELLIE!!!!!!! Girl! You KNOW your kids are home!?!?!??!?!?!?! Did y’all see Liv’s face?

– Ole girl working with Mama Pope in here talkign to Liv? She’s gonna die.

– She saw her mamma on her knees y’all. LAWD.

-Y’all catch Liv’s face when Mellie came out that room?


-“I’m not your b*tch” – I almost got attracted to Jake again…then I remembered. But MY GOODNESS.

-When Fitz was trying to “hold Cyrus back”….Jake was standing back there chillin giving ZERO fawks.

-“I’m sorry for your loss” – We’ve lost Jake, y’all. He’s gone.  Outta there. Evil. Done. Satan has officially snuck into his spirit.

-“I’d rather be a traitor than what you are, Livvy.” – Y’all. Liv gets talked down to by EVERYBODY.  Her dad STAYS reading her.  Her mom lowkey reads her. Liv really should be on some type of antidepressant. And in intense therapy. Probably something for anxiety as well.

– But Fitz. WAIT.

(at this point in the show I have verbally reacted about 4 times.  This show is going to give me a heart attack)

– Yup. Sick to my stomach when Quinn kisses Huck.

– OH. So THIS is how Shonda is going to get Columbus Short outta here. Nice while it lasted, Harrison.

– “So you aren’t dead inside.” <— LMAO. Fitz. BYE. I can’t. You men act JUST like Fitz. Screwing everything in sight but can’t handle when your woman…oh wait…SKRRRRRRT…not letting your husband touch you…for TEN YEARS?  Lemme think about this.

– LIV. WILL. NOT. LEARN. She had to be put in the position to be reminded that that man IS married and him wanting to talk to his WIFE basically trumps whatever the side chick is wanting at the moment. OOP.

– Coming home and finding out that someone has moved themselves into YOUR house. NOPE.

-Look at Cyrus’ daughter. CUTE.

– Look at this part in Teddy’s hair.  Looking like Hitler.

LOOK AT Y’ALL.  Don’t waste ANY time, huh!?



Columbus Short Is A Little Violent

Columbus Short seems to have a bit of a violent streak in him, and currently has a warrant out for his arrest.

TMZ reports:

“Scandal” star Columbus Short has been arrested MULTIPLE TIMES for VIOLENT behavior … involving women, kids, basketball opponents and random bar people.

1.  Short was arrested for physically attacking his wife in front of his children. The incident occurred back in February at his Woodland Hills home at around 2 AM.  According to legal docs, Short and his wife started arguing and it got physical.  Short’s kids — a 2-year-old and 10-year-old — were watching.  He’s been charged with spousal battery. Prosecutors also charged him with child abuse because of the emotional trauma the kids suffered by watching.  Short pled not guilty on Tuesday.

2.  Short was arrested 2 weeks later in Chatsworth, CA.  According to the police report, Short and his wife got into a heated argument and he allegedly pushed her.

3.  And less than a month later — on March 15 — Short was involved in a bar fight.  TMZ broke the story … Short allegedly cold-cocked a man at an engagement party, breaking his nose and rendering him unconscious.  As we just reported … there is now a warrant out for his arrest in connection with this incident.

4. But there’s more.  We found out Short was prosecuted for a brutal attack on an L.A. basketball court in 2010.  He sucker punched a player, bashing his teeth in and cutting him badly.  Short pled no contest to disturbing the peace.  He had been charged with aggravated battery but that was dismissed.

This is…not a good look.  Like, at all.


Excuse me, but did he knock half of his row of teeth back? Is that what I’m looking at, here?

My word.

UPDATED: March 27, 2014 8:45am

{via ABC Local}

LOS ANGELES, CA — Columbus Short, a lead actor on the television series “Scandal,” was arrested Wednesday on a felony charge that he seriously injured a man during an altercation at a restaurant earlier this month.

Short was arrested by police in Claremont on a warrant issued in a case that alleges he committed a battery that caused serious bodily harm.

The actor was involved in a dispute with a man at a West Los Angeles restaurant March 15 before Short hit the man and knocked him out, according to Los Angeles police and prosecutors. Further details about the altercation were not released.

Short, 31, plays attorney Harrison Wright on ABC’s hit series “Scandal.” Records show he was released Wednesday after posting $50,000 bail.

If convicted, Short faces up to four years in state prison. A date for his initial court appearance has not yet been set.

A phone number for Jeff Jacquet, Short’s attorney in another criminal case, had a full voicemail box, and a message sent via fax was not immediately returned.

Short was charged Feb. 14 with misdemeanor spousal battery and has pleaded not guilty in that case. A judge ordered him to stay away from his wife, Tuere Short, at a March 5 court hearing. Records show she filed for divorce last year but dismissed her petition earlier this year.

He’s been charged with a felony.

Given his history, he just may not make it out of this one.

Welp! SMH