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Surfboard! (Beyonce)

Ladies and gentlemen.  I see there are some, like myself, who were wondering what Queen Bey was referring to when she said “Surfboard” (in a way that NOBODY has EVER said that word EVER and I love it).  Well.  Here we go.

Mrs. Carter is referring to a sex position.  The actual name of it is “Bathtub Boogie.”


According to Cosmopolitan, this is somewhat challenging. But. It CAN be done.  Fill the tub up halfway, put an inflatable pillow behind his back, and … well … Do THIS ^^^^.  Ladies, you get to be in control, and fellas, you get to sit back and enjoy.  It might be best to massage her hips/butt in the midst of it tho. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: Listen, don’t y’all hurt yourselves trying to do this, okay?  I may or may not have inspected my tub, you know, out of curiosity, and….it’s probably really easy to bust your head wide open.  Um.  Make sure your palms are on the bottom of the tub too, cause if his legs straighten out for some reason, well now your face is in a tub full of water and it’s all bad from there. So yeah.  Be careful, k?

You’re welcome.