Tank weighs in on child abuse (Adrian Peterson situation)

I was wondering why people were going off on Tank last night, and then this morning I saw this:

So yeah.  I needed to know.  Did a little research and …… FOUND IT!

My word. All of these pretty faces, amazing voices, and brains the size of a grain of salt.

I don’t really like to hold artists to talk about ONLY music, but then you have some that you discover are dumb….as hell.

Yes, I was spanked as a child. I don’t disagree with it as ONE form of discipline. But spanking is very different from what JOE JACKSON DID TO MICHAEL!?!?

Like WHAT!? How could ANYBODY with the capacity to think critically use that example?

In case you didn’t know, he’s referring to the Adrian Peterson situation (who turned himself in to authorities in Houston this morning, I believe). He’s basically being charged with child abuse. The news came out that it was a switch that was used, and at first I was like ummmmm, but then I learned the doctor is who reported Adrian to authorities. So now, I’ll wait to weigh in.

But yeah. BYE, Tank.

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