Waka Flocka Has Lost His Little Brother

After tweeting a link to his new mixtape, Waka’s brother, Kayo Redd, was found dead.  At first it seems like it was thought to be a suicide, but now there seem to be suspicions of homicide.

Waka has lost another brother before, when he was 13.  According to TheRoot, Debra Antney (I had NO idea this was Waka’s mom…where have I been?) tweeted, “I just lost another son.”

In the first son’s death, Waka told his brother, Caodes,  it was okay to go to his friend’s house and help him with his homework.  He didn’t want his friend to get in trouble with his father.  Waka said he’d cover for him.  When he was riding his bike home, he got hit by a car.  Waka took that one hard, and blamed himself for his brother’s death.

Prayers up for this family.  I cannot imagine what it is like for a mother to lose TWO of her children, and as a man to lose two of your brothers, and feel responsible for one of them.  I hope he’s surrounded by supportive friends and family.

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