Floyd Mayweather Has a Message For The Ladies

This is what he posted on Instagram this morning:

In case you can’t see that:


Oh. Boy.

Some of the comments (click to see a clearer pic): Screenshot_2014-06-13-11-01-53 Screenshot_2014-06-13-11-02-23

 More comments:

-You a father of growing daughters so u really shouldn’t make this statement @floydmayweather .so many men just waiting for excuse to disrespect a female. Because they strong on outside and weak on inside. What I am wearing or not wearing will not b invitation for someone to think I should stop and speak and smile or b touched I learned early on to ignore comments about my shape. And if they touch me I stab them with my pen ( and I always got a pen)I have wore Muslim garb to two piece swim suits and comments are the same .. Thirsty dudes try to see through anything .. @floydmayweather wish u would check these dudes before u ever try and check chicks .. We got this !!!!!!

-LOL I can dress anyway I want as long as I buy my clothes , pay my bills and support myself this the dumbest shot I’ve seen him post foh !!!!!!

-All des thots r getting mad lmao

-Respect should be based on someone’s character not their closet.

-Hoes getting mad and loosing their heads in 3 2 1

-Hahaha I reposted this and people rather giving me clapping signs or bitching (mostly hoes) but I think this makes to much sence

-You can never ‘ask’ to be disrespected. Standards and level of treatment are lowered…however, dressing a certain way is not ‘asking’ for anything. I agree that we can influence the way others treat us, but a respectful man would treat a woman with respect regardless of how she’s dressed. Yes, a lady demands respect, but I cannot say that a tramp asks for disrespect. #notasking #maynotbehelping#stillnotasking #2cents

-they still dont see the most important part of this post “sexy is a spirit, not an outfit” haha good day to you sir

-You bullshittin bro, I like my girls to dress slutty!

@im_with_awesome_myself you obviously are uneducated and unaware as well… no article of clothing or lack there of is a reason for disrespect… and if I had a platgorm to speak in front of mister Mayweather I would say the exact same thing I just said wearing a thong bikini

It’s … interesting hearing about which women to respect and which not to from a man who physically abused his ex and who then publicly humiliated his ex-fiance. That’s…interesting.

His comments and mentions on Twitter ate on FIRE. However, instead of being mad at Floyd, I’d like to focus on something else. And that’s the fact that over 50,000 (that’s how many likes his picture got…and that’s just on ONE suicidal media platform) are cosigning this sentiment. And not all of them are men.

There’s something to be said there. So, no. I’m not mad. I see what he’s “trying” to do here, but like the other woman commented, he is directing his attention to the wrong people.

I went to a panel at the college I work for, and there was a going ma’am who basically said this same thing. This was a panel put on by a Christian student group for men.

My message to those men of God, men of God everywhere, and men period, and what I believe Mr. Mayweather should understand, is that whether you think a woman is a slut, thot, hoe or whatever solely based on the way she’s dressed, you DO NOT have the “right” to go out of your way to disrespect her. You DO NOT address her in a disrespectful manner, period. In fact, you don’t care for her to the point of INTENTIONALLY disrespecting her, how about you don’t address her at all? How about you name your little comment to your homies or whatever and then keep it moving? How about that?

Men, instead of spending you energy telling women when and where they can be expected to be respected, how about you address you fellow men on appropriate behaviour in regard to women AT ALL TIMES?

Yes, I agree that women can’t expect to be viewed as “wifey material” or whatever by men when they wear certain things, but that DOES NOT MEAN they deserve to be victims of disrespect. I may be taking it a little far, but this is borderline facilitating that women who are victims of rape/sexual assault are “asking for it” based on their attire. And no sir.

In all of this, we must consider the source. Floyd Mayweather cares about one person, and one person only. It will be interesting to see what his response would be of one of his daughters experiences disrespect (no, I’m not wishing that on them) or worse.

Again, let’s not direct our anger toward him. Need just the messenger. The message, however, is what’s being cosigned. THAT’S the problem.

(I apologize in advance if there are grammatical errors. I’m on my phone and I’m in a rush lol)

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