George Zimmerman Is Broke and Homeless…AND I’M HAPPYYYYYY (Pharrell voice)

I have no shame.  And maybe that’s something I need to pray about..but everything bad that comes this dude’s way I welcome it with open arms.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

SANFORD – George Zimmerman has no job, no home, no income but spends $100 a month on vacations and $200 a month on psychological counseling, according to a financial affidavit he recently filed in his divorce case.

Let’s keep reading, shall we?

As part of the divorce case, Zimmerman filed a financial affidavit last week, spelling out his income, assets and debts.

According to it, he spends $3,304 a month, despite having no income.

He listed his total assets at $14,000 – most of that is his 2008 Honda pickup. His debts total $2.5 million, most of that is money he owes criminal defense attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West.

According to his paperwork, Zimmerman has no job, pays nothing for rent or a mortgage and has no health insurance.

He spends $350 a month for medical care plus $200 a month for psychological, psychiatric or mental health counseling.

He also spends $100 a month on vacations, he wrote.

Zimmerman’s legal defense fund, which raised more than $400,000, now has a balance of $300, according to the affidavit.

It is not clear what happened to any money he earned from the sale of a painting on eBay in December. The winning bid was $100,000. There is no mention of it in his affidavit.

His banking account has $650, he reported.

In an interview last month, Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., said the former Neighborhood Watch volunteer is homeless and moves from place to place, sleeping in the homes of friends and supporters.

Zimmerman’s divorce attorney, Howard Iken, would not comment.

FIRST of all.  $100 on vacations a month?  LOL

You know what?  I don’t even care.

And his brother said that Georgie hops from one home to the other…but I don’t understand?  Why is he not living permanently with you, his loyal and supportive brother?  Or with his parents?

Whatever.  Dude is $2.5 million in debt, and has no place to call his own.


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