Sauce Walka Drake diss, “Wack 2 Wack” {Listen}


Okay. I’ll walk you through this in the exact way I experienced it.

I was first alerted about this via a reader (thank you!). So I listened to it.

It’s….personal. And WHEW. I mean, there are some things in there that sting…but here was my next train of thought.

  1. Who is Sauce Walka?
  2. What in the world did Drake do?

To some of you, this may be disappointing. Yes, I am a Houstonian. Born and raised. But no, I didn’t (really) know who Sauce Walka is (it came back to me later). In my defense though…I mostly listen to satellite radio and my excellently crafted playlists on Spotify.

The good thing, though, is that I decided to do my Googles (yes, Googles).

This is where I ran up on a pro-Sauce Walka/Sauce Twinz blog.

Well guys…I had the information up here from a PUBLIC blog (which I credited). However, I was contacted by the author of said PUBLIC blog saying I don’t have “permission” to use his PUBLIC writing and threatened to get his lawyers involved. 

At first I had the inkling to go further, but…it’s honestly not worth it. LOL. Not for this. So yeah. Also, something is kinda telling me that had this been a blog post supporting all of this, then it may not have been a problem. Dah well. 

Okay. Let’s carry on.

And my conclusion is this. —–> THIS IS STUPID.

Sauce Walka made this diss track for (seemingly) three reasons.

  1. Drake didn’t put out a song (remix) that would’ve undoubltedly helped the Sauce Twinz become more mainstream.
  2. Sauce has an issue with Drake doing Houston Appreciation Week(end?), yet not giving shine to Houston rappers (honestly, this is a legitimate concern).
  3. But what was the tipping point? Why did this diss come out?Well, Drake just did a dance move that’s “associated” with the Sauce Twinz. Yes, I’m serious. THAT’s what fueled THIS.

Look. All I know is if J. Prince gets involved….sheesh. I mean, he’s in a weird position (manages Sauce Twinz (I think) and is VERY supportive of Drake), so I’m also kind of curious to see how he’ll handle it.

Highly doubt Drake responds to this. However, I think the reasons may be more that NOBODY KNOWS WHO SAUCE WALKA IS ANYWAY, as opposed to not responding out of fear or whatever.

Like, I went scrolling on Twitter to see if anybody was talking about it and I literally saw ONE tweet about it. One.

I went a step further and decided to find some music by Sauce Twinz.

This is what I found.

AH! I DO know who they are (kinda)!

I think I’ve heard a snippet of this before! But I probably did then what I did now, and cut it off after the 1:08 mark. Not sure if it’s just too early or whatever…or maybe it’s just not MY thing.

I’m sure it’s getting a lot of play in the strip clubs down here. And I’m also sure that if it were to come on in the club after I’ve had a couple of drinks then I’d be turnt.


So that’s that, Ladies and Gentlemen.

What say you?



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