HEAR ME: Look, this is what we ARE NOT about to do at funerals….

There’s no proper way to introduce this, so here.

There are open caskets and then there’s in the case of Miriam Burbank.

It seems the New Orleans woman was so full of life that her two daughters wanted her to depart this world the way she lived in it, sitting in a living room setting with cigarette and beers while a disco ball flashes across her glossy lips and sunglasses.

Miriam, nicknamed Mae Mae by family and friends, looks just as if she is about to join the party and dance to the music

With a case of her favorite Busch beer and bottle of Glenlivet whiskey to hand, she holds a menthol cigarette and there is the faintest hint of a smile on the Saints fan’s glossy lips.

She wears a smart black coat with bright yellow scarf, dressy earrings, her fingernails painted black and gold.

{via NY Daily News}


No.  Just no.  I just hope the family prepared people who were coming to view the body.  If that would’ve caught me off guard I would’ve just passed out.

I get what the family wanted to do here, and I know funerals are a little different in New Orleans…but….





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