JC Penney has shorts in their career section. An employee wore them. Then got sent home.

Ahhhh. The almighty dress code.

A JC Penney employee, Sylva Stoel, wore a pair of shorts from the career section to work and it didn’t turn out too well.



So. Let me get this straight. These shorts are in the career section of your store, but when an employee wears them to her job, AT YOUR STORE, it’s not okay?

There seems to be some discrepancy here between what JC Penney is advertising and what their dress code is for their employees.

In 2013, JCP reversed a more casual dress code embraced by short-lived CEO Ron Johnson, over fears that it made it harder for shoppers to find employees. New CEO Mike Ullman reinstated a business casual code at the time.

The “no shorts” policy is a different message than the one Stoel claims she received in her training.

“The only word the manager said on dress code during my job orientation was that denim was not allowed, T-shirts were unacceptable, spaghetti-strap tank tops weren’t allowed and skirts couldn’t be ’too short,’” Sylva toldMic. “But I was never warned that wearing linen shorts to work could get me sent home.”

Indeed, if you type in “career shorts” then JC Penney has a section for them on their website.

Personal opinion? Shorts aren’t appropriate to wear to work. The truth is that I’ve been seeing clothing stores advertising “suits” that have shorts instead of pants saying that it’s the new career attire. And that’s just not true.

However, if you are a clothing store employer, and have said shorts in your career section, and would like your employees to wear store merchandise, then this confuses me.

On some level, I agree with this^^^.

What do you all think?

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