Warren G Says He’s Interested In Doing 20 Year “Regulate” Remake With….



I wanted to read this piece.  I really really did.  But after this part was highlighted, I just gave up:

These days, Warren is prepping an EP tentatively titled “This Is That Summer Music,” and as part of a planned 20th anniversary album, he’s considering recording an updated version of “Regulate.” Rather than serve up a sequel to the story — something that might be difficult, since Nate Dogg sadly died of complications from strokes in 2011 — he’s hoping to enlist some of today’s stars to offer their take. Nothing is definite, but he sites Macklemore as someone he’d be interested in working with.

{via Billboard}

Out of ALL of the artists.  ALL. OF. THE. ARTISTS. You choose to name Macklemore (MACKLEMORE!) as someone you’d like to work with FOR THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF “REGULATE”!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The answer, Warren G, is not only “no.” But “HELL NO.”

That would definitely destroy it and if you DO decide to move forward with this I hope that record flops and I hope your 20th anniversary album goes straight styrofoam.


This has upset me.  And now I have to listen to the real song before the new trash comes out so I can always remember my roots.

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