I kind of tricked you. You will deal.

This is actually a remix of “Pretty Hurts,” and I. LOVE. IT.

I’m loving it because it is an actual, OFFICIAL, remix.

“The remix came about because we were was contacted by Beyoncé’s musical curator who had heard our songs and asked for an I Am A Camera version of ‘Pretty Hurts’,” said the duo in a statement. “Beyoncé is one of our favourite artists of all time and a true icon, so to get this remix is beyond exciting for us. Working with Beyoncé’s vocals has got to be one of the most surreal and exciting moments in our career so far.”

{via Marie Claire}




Love love love.  “Pretty Hurts” is not one of my favorites on the album.  I love the message or whatever, but it’s a track that I skip over.  But this?  This I will jam.

YASSSS, I Am A Camera!!!!!!

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